Zimbabwe ready to sell elephants to ‘anyone who wants wildlife’

Zimbabwe plans to sell elephants to Angola and is prepared to ship wild animals to any other interested countries as the southern African nation seeks to reduce its elephant population due to growing conflict between people and wildlife.

“We have no predetermined market for elephant sales, we are open to everyone who wants our wildlife,” tourism minister Prisca Mupfumira said in an interview on the sidelines of a wildlife summit in Victoria Falls. “`the country has ‘excess’ of 30,000 of the animals.”

“The main problem is landmines in Angola, so we are trying to assist them by having a fund to deal with those before we send the animals.”


Large wildfires continue to burn in Utah and northern California, USA.

Unprecedented wildfires burn across large parts of Bosnia with 260 fires registered on Friday alone. Temperatures of 40 degrees C and landmines left over from the conflict hamper firefighters.