Cholera Among Refugees in Tanzania

At least 27 people have died in an outbreak of cholera at a Burundian refugee camp in Tanzania, humanitarian workers said Thursday.

An estimated 50,000 refugees from Burundi live at a camp in the village of Kagunga, where cholera is suspected of sickening another 15 people, UNICEF said. The World Health Organization says up to 90,000 people live at the camp in the village.

More than 112,000 have fled Burundi in recent weeks during an attempted military overthrow of the government. Many are living in camps along the shores of Lake Tanganyika, where conditions are poor.

Between 500 and 2,000 people arrive each day, overwhelming the health system infrastructure where there is already limited camping space, poor hygiene, and inadequate sanitation and drinking water.

WHO says non-cholera-related cases of diarrhea have climbed to more than 1,000.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

No current tropical storms.


Tanzania – A landslide in Tanzania’s northwestern district of Kahama has claimed the lives of at least 19 gold miners on Thursday night.

Kenya – More than 100 homes in Mutiswa, Makueni county, were on Thursday night flooded following heavy rains. Last week, the roofs of 98 houses in Kavuthu were blown off by strong winds during a heavy downpour.

Texas, USA – Torrential rain triggered flooding on the streets of Houston and sent spectators fleeing from a circus south of the Texas city, officials said on Saturday, as the storm system headed east toward Louisiana and neighbouring states. A severe weather system followed the heavy rains on Saturday afternoon; four tornadoes were reported in Colorado and one in central Texas, according to the National Weather Service.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

Tropical cyclone Nathan is located approximately 210 nm east-northeast of Darwin, Australia and is tracking westward at 06 knots.

Tropical cyclone (tc) 20p (reuben), located approximately 688 nm southeast of Suva, Fiji, and is tracking southeastward at 07 knots.


Canada – An avalanche in British Columbia, Canada has claimed the life of one person and left one other missing. Both were group members snowmobiling near the Dore River drainage area, near McBride, B.C.

Tanzania – THE ongoing heavy rains in Dar es Salaam region have left five people dead and rendered hundreds homeless after their houses were submerged. Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA), on Sunday announced that heavy rains would continue in various parts of the country until Wednesday.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

Si201515 5day

Tropical cyclone 15s (Fifteen), forms in the Mozambique Channel and is located approximately 393 nm north-northeast of Europa island, and is tracking south-southwestward at 06 knots.


Tanzania – Floods in Tanzania today have claimed the lives of at least 50 people. Torrential rains, hail and high winds hit Kahama district in the Shinyanga region late on Tuesday, injuring at least 82 people. The rains have severely damaged gravel roads and mud houses, making rescue operations difficult.

Austria – An avalanche in Austria today has claimed life of a 27-year-old Australian woman and critically injured a 30-year-old man.


Tanzanian Villagers Fear Lion ‘Revenge’

The killing of six lions near northern Tanzania’s Olasiti village has residents living in fear of “revenge” attacks by the predators. Six lions were killed by Tanzanian villagers who say they lost livestock to the protected predators.

The Arusha Times reports the lions were killed by young warriors “proving their manhood,” while also eliminating the threat of future attacks on the village’s livestock.

People now venturing outside their homes are staying in groups, armed with traditional weapons such as sticks, machetes and spears.

Five of the warriors who were injured while slaughtering the lions later fled into the bush out of fear of being arrested once they were treated for their wounds.

Villagers complained to the daily that the government doesn’t react when humans or livestock are killed by wild animals, but said it does respond quickly and decisively when any wildlife is killed.

A resident of Olasiti, Saning’o Ole Nigi, said that communities surrounding wildlife areas have always been guardians of the animals by preventing poaching. However, it does not seem that the villagers took any steps to protect their livestock from the predators – choosing rather to kill the lions.



Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

5.1 Earthquake hits Iceland.

5.1 Earthquake hits northern Peru.

5.1 Earthquake hits Tanzania.


Haiti Chikungunya Outbreak Spikes To Over 1,500 Cases

According to Haiti’s health ministry, at least 1,529 cases of the chikungunya virus have been confirmed. Of these, about 900 of them, were found in the west department, where the capital of Port-au-Prince is located. Another 300 cases were confirmed in northwestern Haiti, the Associated Press reports.

This is up dramatically from the 14 confirmed cases just less than a week ago.

Dar Es Salaam Dengue Outbreak Sickens 400

After first being reported in the Tanzanian capital in January, government officials now say the dengue fever outbreak in Dar es Salaam has sickened 400 people and is being attributed to the deaths of three.

According to a Press report, Health Ministry officials say the outbreak in the capital is unprecedented and caught them off-guard; however, they are doing everything they can to get it under control.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms

No current tropical storms.

New Zealand – The remnants of Cyclone Ita are speading down the country, ripping off roofs in Auckland, felling trees in the Waikato and disrupting travel. Wild weather pounding the country has caused widespread road closures, flooding, damaged properties, power outages and treacherous driving conditions.


USA – Maine emergency management officials said the flooding in Maine after heavy rains is statewide and the state is likely to remain under a flood warning until late Thursday. One person was reported to have died in the floods.

Canada – The spring thaw and steady rain triggered floods that inundated Quebec towns, washing away homes, forcing evacuations and causing a landslide. In Sherbrooke, Que., in the Eastern Townships, the Saint-Francois river reached a record 25 feet Wednesday and floodwaters cut the city in two.

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Tanzania – At least 14 people have been killed and thousands displaced after heavy floods ravaged Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s commercial capital.


At least 14 people have been killed and thousands displaced after heavy floods ravaged Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s commercial capital,

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms

In the South Indian Ocean:

Tropical cyclone Hellen is located approximately 345 nm north-northwest of Antananarivo, Madagascar. Hellen, a low pressure area centred over the Mozambique Channel organized into Tropical Cyclone 21S (Hellen) on Friday afternoon.


8 Tornadoes Reportedly Hit Missouri, Southern Iowa late on Thursday.

Jakarta – Heavy rain that poured the city until Saturday (3/29) predawn, had caused two urban villages in East Jakarta, Kampung Pulo and Jatinegara, flooded. In addition, the overflowed of Ciliwung River and water from Bogor have inundated residents houses. The flood began to inundated 600 houses in Kampung Pulo since 3 am. The water level reached 30-100 cm. No one was evacuated.

Tanzania – One person was killed and fiver others went missing on Friday after floods triggered by ongoing heavy rains in many parts of Tanzania derailed a cargo train in the country’s central town of Mpwapwa. Mpwapwa district commissioner Christopher Kangoye said the floods swept away the locomotive engine of the cargo train that was pulling 11 petrol and diesel tankers and nine wagons with different types of cargo.


Drought – USA

California’s drought is the worst since 2007 – In the Drought Monitor map released on Nov. 21, one-third of the nation is in moderate or worse drought, with the worst of the drought in the west. Plagued for years with a lack of water, growers across California are now facing a new kind of drought – a labor shortage in the fields

Drought likely to persist or develop in the Southwest, Southeastern U. S. – Winter is likely to offer little relief to the drought-stricken U.S. Southwest, and drought is likely to develop across parts of the Southeast.

Drought in Tanzania

Hundreds of thousands of wildebeest that migrated to the Serengeti plains in Tanzania from Maasai Mara Game Reserve two months ago have returned.

The abnormal occurrence, ecologists say, has been necessitated by a drought that has affected many parts of Tanzania including the Serengeti National Park.

“The drought has forced them to return to Mara where there is enough pasture for them. The grass, which was depleted when they were in the reserve, regenerated after the short rains set in,” said Nick Murero, the Mara-Serengeti Ecosystem Co-ordinator for the Lake Victoria Basin.


Tanzania Dolphin Slaughter Linked to Shark Fin Trade

Local fishermen in coastal Tanzania are killing dolphins to be used as bait for sharks. The high demand for shark fin soup is causing an alarming rise in the killing of dolphins off the coast of Tanzania, which an official says fishermen use illegally as bait for the predatory fish.

Most dolphins have been protected by the country’s fisheries regulations since 2009.

Tourists have reported seeing the “distressing” killing of dolphins within plain sight.

Dolphins are being actively targeted by dynamite fishermen around the city of Dar es Salaam because “their flesh makes a very good bait for sharks.”

While the slaughter of dolphins to feed the illicit shark fin market is disturbing to many, researchers recently warned that as many as one in 15 of all sharks on the planet are fished from the oceans each year.

The trend threatens to put the species on the path to extinction.


Storms and Floods

Violent Storm Kills Six In Argentina

Six people were killed after torrential rain and powerful winds battered Buenos Aires, knocking out power, downing trees and damaging homes. More than 155 mm (six inches) of rain fell between midnight on Monday and 7am on Tuesday. That is a record for rainfall in April in the Argentine capital.

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Mudslide in Arusha, Tanzania

A mudslide in Arusha, Tanzania has claimed 13 lives. Four people are still missing. The mudslide occurred at a gravel mine in the Moshono area of northern Tanzania.

Storm and Tornado in Torda, Serbia

A storm which spawned a tornado in Torda, Serbia has damaged more than 100 buildings. The tornado damage is estimated in the millions of dollars.

Avalanche in Italian Alps

An avalanche in the the Ortles region of the Italian alps has claimed the lives of three skiers.

Other News:

Landslide in Papua New Guinea kills mother and five-month-old baby. The mother was found holding tightly onto five-month-old baby under the rubble of their house.

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Hail storms in Hitchcock, Texas, USA damage seven police cars.

Storms and Floods

Landslide in West Bandung, Indonesia

Landslide in west Bandung region of Indonesia has claimed six lives. 18 villagers are reported to be still missing.

The landslide buried nine houses in Cililin village of West Bandung, Java.

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Flooding in Dar es Salaam Region of Tanzania

Heavy rainfall has caused flooding in Dar city in Tanzania. The worst hit area is Kigogo.

The rain also destroyed bridges in Kinyerezi and Vingunguti.

Storms and Floods

Flooding in Isoka, Zambia

Four people have been killed in flooding in Isoka district of Muchinga province in Zambia. Two people died in Milongo in the flooded Kaumba River and two others died in the flooded Ntonga River.

A landslide displaced at least 20 families in Kampumbu agricultural block in Isoka district.

Flooding Zambia

Flooding in Wellington, New Zealand

Heavy rainfall caused flooding in Wellington, New Zealand.

A severe weather warning is issued for the Wairarapa, Wellington, Fiordland, Otago, Westland, Nelson and Taranaki.

Storms in Hai, Tanzania

Storms in Hai, Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania destroyed 50 houses.

Heavy rain displaced 100 families.

The storms also destroyed a total of 255 acres of maize and 177 acres of banana plants.

Infrastructure Damage

The recent floods in Queensland, Australia have damaged approximately 12 per cent of Queensland’s main roads, (between four and five thousand kilometres), leaving a damage bill of billions of dollars.

Snow across Britain – January 2013

This satellite image shows snow blanketing most of Great Britain in late January 2013, stretching from London to the northern tip of Scotland.

Greatbritain tmo 2013026


Drought in Tanzania is driving the youth to the cities. Changing weather patterns in Tanzania have caused a rising wave of migration from rural to urban areas, with thousands of youths flocking into Dar es Salaam, the largest city, in search of work.


A storm system that brought cold, wet weather to much of the United States last week helped ease drought in many states, but some areas that were most in need of moisture were missed.

The U.S. High Plains, which includes key farm states of Nebraska, South Dakota, and Kansas, saw slight improvement last week due to good precipitation. But three quarters of both Kansas and Nebraska continued to suffer from extreme or exceptional drought.

In South Dakota, extreme or worse drought still covers nearly 55 percent of the state.

The portion of the contiguous United States under “extreme” or “exceptional” drought – the two most dire classifications – improved to 18.30 percent from 19.36 percent.

The persistent drought continues to hinder growth of the new winter wheat crop in many U.S. Plains states.

Texas and Oklahoma, also key wheat growing states, continued to struggle with drought.

Wheat in Nebraska, South Dakota, Colorado, and Oklahoma is struggling with more than 30 percent of it in each of those states rated poor to very poor, according to USDA.

In Texas, the drought deepened as the state was largely missed by the rain storms that swept through the Plains and Midwest. In contrast, most of Oklahoma, Arkansas, and western Tennessee measured widespread precipitation.