Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

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In the South Indian Ocean: Tropical cyclone Ernie (tc) 15s, located approximately 470 nm northwest of Learmonth, Australia, is tracking west-southwestward at 08 knots.

In the South Pacific Ocean: Tropical cyclone 16p (Cook), located approximately 225 nm north of Noumea of Noumea, New Caledonia, is tracking southwestward at 07 knots.

Cyclone Cook is tracking towards southern Vanuatu and New Caledonia, with forecasts of damaging winds and torrential rains. The category two cyclone was expected to strengthen into a tropical cyclone as it headed toward New Caledonia on Monday and Tuesday. Weather Watch warned it could continue southeast to hit New Zealand with rains “heavy enough to cause even further serious flooding”, adding to Bay of Plenty’s woes after record flooding.


Victoria, Australia – Hundreds of trees have been brought down and thousands of homes are without power as strong winds and heavy rain lash Victoria. Energy provider Powercor reported 14,055 homes without power at 8.30pm on Sunday, while AusNet had 170 customers disconnected. A severe weather warning is in place for Victoria’s central and southwest, and the flood risk is expected to contract to the state’s east, particularly in East Gippsland.


Wildfires – Australia

An emergency warning has been issued for a fast-moving, out-of-control bushfire travelling in a south easterly direction towards Brimboal, Victoria. According to Victoria Emergency, Brimboal could be impacted Tuesday afternoon.

Residents have been advised to leave their homes immediately, before conditions worsen.


Two bushfires threaten Victoria towns

A fast-moving bushfire west of Melbourne has claimed several buildings, with at least 40 more houses under threat. Three firefighters and one resident have been reportedly injured.

An emergency warning was also issued for a separate bushfire at Hallston, east of Melbourne. The fast-moving, out-of-control fire was expected to threaten the communities of Hallston, Dickies Hill Junction, Allambee South, Berrys Creek.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Cyclone Tim

Ex-tropical Cyclone Tim has crossed the coast near Innisfail in far north Queensland overnight Wednesday. Up to 300 millimetres of rain could be dumped across the Cassowary Coast over the next couple of days.

Tornadoes in Victoria, Australia

Two tornadoes hit Victoria, injuring 17 people, three in critical condition. The tornadoes hit along the Murray river and damaged several buildings in Yarrawonga, Bundalong, Rutherglen, Koonoomoo and Mulwala.

Victorian Tornado picture

Lightning in Nepal

At least five people have died in lightning strikes in Nepal. Lightning claimed lives in Sindhupalchowk, Sindhuli, Kaski and Gorkha districts.

Strong winds and scattered rain were reported across Nepal throughout the day.

Extreme Weather in Britain

Severe flooding has hit towns in west Cornwall as heavy rainfall sweeps across the county. The worst affected areas were Newlyn, Penzance, Mevagissy and St Ives.

Much of Britain faces a white weekend with widespread snow storms and strong winds, with Wales and Scotland expected to be most affected.


Wildfires – Victoria, Australia

Rain falling across Melbourne has eased the threat of a large grassfire burning on the city’s northern outskirts.

The 2400-hectare Donnybrook blaze was still burning out of control this morning, but welcome rain and cooler conditions have reduced the threat to homes.

Fires in the area destroyed several sheds yesterday, and smoke from the 2000 hectare grass fire cast a pall over much of Melbourne last night.

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Wildfires – Australia

Three fires burning in plantation forest and grassland are joining into one and racing towards a small town in central Victoria.

The large, fast-moving fire is expected to impact Middle Creek and Buangor anytime.

Twenty tankers and two aircraft are on scene.


Wildfires – Australia

Hot Saturday sparks fresh Victoria fires. Victorian firefighters have been kept busy battling two major fires in the state’s east, whilst also tackling a flurry of blazes closer to Melbourne.

Western Australia’s Health Department has issued a heat wave warning for Perth and warned people to remain indoors and hydrated.


Listeria – Victoria, Australia.

Three people have died in a listeria outbreak in Victoria linked to cheese from a particular factory. 26 cases, including one miscarriage have been reported.

Food poisoning from listeria can be particularly dangerous for pregnant women, older people and people with immunosuppressed systems.


Australia – Fire warning

Firefighting resources from across Victoria will boost crews battling two serious bushfires as the fire danger increases in hotter conditions over coming days. The Harrietville fire in the alpine region now has 246 firefighters on the scene, with 140 at Aberfeldy in Gippsland, with dangerous fire conditions expected until Sunday. The Harrietville fire has burnt about 6500 hectares since it started on January 21 while the fire in Gippsland has burned about 75,000 hectares, killed a man and destroyed 21 homes.

A small bushfire is burning near Esperance, Western Australia.


Bushfire in Victoria, Australia

A large bushfire is burning out of control in Victoria’s Mount Hotham area after leaping containment lines.


Australian Wildfires

Rain has slowed the progress of two major bushfires burning in eastern Victoria.

Rain slows major vic fires


Australian Wildfires

Large, fast-moving bushfires continue to sweep across New South Wales and Victoria, Australia, this week. Over 122 fires are still burning in New South Wales, and 17 of them are uncontained.

Residents in the Victorian town of Heyfield are facing a renewed threat from the massive Gippsland blaze.

A large bushfire in Victoria’s high country is expected to hit Harrietville and Hotham Heights within the next 24 hours.

The Gippsland fire crisis has worsened, with strong northerly winds whipping up flames earlier than predicted. The CFA said there was “strong pressure” on its Gippsland containment lines with some busting this afternoon. In the high country fire authorities have warned residents who do not plan to stay and defend their homes that they should evacuate the area by 6pm. The out-of-control bushfire, which is travelling in a south-easterly direction, has burnt out 1700ha of Victoria’s alpine region since a lightning strike sparked the blaze on Monday. Meanwhile, emergency authorities have warned a wind change could mean the southern edge of the Aberfeldy-Donnellys fire will breach control lines tomorrow.


Victorian Town Of Wallan Under Emergency Warning

A bushfire emergency warning has been issued for the central Victorian town of Wallan as a fast-moving grassfire approaches the area.

Smoke From Australian Bushfires Turns Skies Over New Zealand Orange

It’s unusual to smell smoke blown across the Tasman but common to see it. Skies around New Zealand have been looking noticeably more hazy orange and bronze-coloured in the past few days as smoke from Australia’s scorching bushfires reaches down south.

Orange Haze


Sydney Bakes In Hottest Day On Record As Bushfires Rage.

The Australian city of Sydney is experiencing its hottest day on record, with temperatures reaching nearly 46C. A temperature of 45.8C was recorded at Observatory Hill in the city at 14:55 local time (01:55 GMT). Some areas in the wider Sydney region were even hotter, with the town of Penrith, to the west, registering a temperature of 46.5C (116 F).

Firefighters are still battling dozens of wildfires sparked by the intense heat in New South Wales and Victoria. The small town of Licola in eastern Victoria is reported to have been cut off by a 44,500-hectare fire, as its sole access road is blocked. Officials said dozens of people had been evacuated but 10 locals were still there.

The heatwave across Australia in recent weeks has been so intense that the Bureau of Meteorology has had to add a new shade to its colour-coded temperature chart, so the scale now reaches above 50C (122 F). However, meteorologists have forecast a dramatic change in weather overnight in Sydney, with thunder storms expected to bring a rapid drop in temperatures.


Bushfire near Richmond in Tasmania.

Victoria, Australia under a bushfire warning as heat wave brings extremely hot conditions.