Global Volcanic Activity – New Activity for the week of 20 November – 26 November 2019

Shishaldin | Fox Islands (USA) : AVO reported that increased seismicity and higher surface temperatures at Shishaldin during 19-20 November indicated elevated eruptive activity. Seismicity abruptly dropped at 0340 on 20 November and remained low, heralding another pause in activity. Tremor and surface temperatures remained low through 23 November. Seismicity again increased during 24-25 November and small explosions were detected in local and regional infrasound stations. Strongly elevated surface temperatures were observed in multiple satellite images. A partial collapse of the summit cone sometime around 1430 on 24 November produced a pyroclastic flow that traveled as far as 3 km down the NW flank. A new lava flow on the NW flank was several hundred meters long. Seismicity decreased but remained elevated during 25-26 November. Strongly elevated surface temperatures were identified in multiple satellite images, and incandescence from the summit was occasionally visible in web camera images overnight. The Aviation colour Code remained at Orange and the Volcano Alert Level remained at Watch.

White Island | North Island (New Zealand) : GeoNet reported that gas emissions at White Island were at moderate-to-high levels during 18-25 November and tremor was at moderate levels. Gas-driven fountaining from active vents on the W side of the crater floor ejected mud a few meters in the air. The Volcanic Alert Level remained at 2 and the Aviation colour Code remained at Yellow.

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