Roundup of Global Volcanic Activity:

Etna (Sicily, Italy): The 13th New SE crater paroxysm is occurring this evening. Tall lava fountains rise from the central vent of the cone, and a lava flow has rapidly descended the slope into Valle del Bove. A dense tephra plume is rising several kilometers above the volcano and drifting to the NE where ash- and lapilli fall is occurring. Judging from the webcam images, lava fountains have now started, i.e. the main phase of the paroxysm has begun. A denser plume is rising from the New SE crater. Tremor continues to climb steeply.

Tungurahua (Ecuador): After a brief pause of just over a month, new eruptive activity has started in the form of gas and ash emissions, accompanied by many small earthquakes and weak tremor pulses. The activity caused light ash fall in areas near the volcano, in particular Juive Grande. IGPEN scientists sampled some of the ash, which is dark in color, which in turn suggests that it is from juvenile (fresh) magma that has started to rise and arrive at the summit and not the result of phreatic activity (pulverizing older rock). A new stronger eruptive phase in the coming days or weeks is therefore likely.

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