Roundup of Global Volcanic Activity

Zao (Honshu): Signs of unrest have been reported from the volcano. According to a news article, new episodes of volcanic tremor were detected under the volcano recently, believed to be signs of increased internal fluid movements. No volcanic earthquakes or significant deformation of the volcanic edifice have been recorded, that could suggest new magma rising, and currently, no eruption is expected to be likely in the near future. However, the volcano will now be observed with increased vigilance.

Fuego (Guatemala): The activity at the volcano has been increasing since a few days ago. The effusion rate has risen significantly. Pulsating lava fountaining and strong, detonating strombolian explosions several hundred meters high from the summit vents are currently feeding at least 3 relatively large lava flows descending on the western and southern flanks: – through the Trinidad drainage (S): approx. 2400 m long, – through the Santa Teresa drainage (W): approx. 2000 m long, – through Las Lajas ravine (SW):approx. 1300 m long.

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