Wildfires – Bolivia

Wildfires that started two weeks ago are burning through extremely dry forest in Guarayos Bolivia. The Ambue Ari Sanctuary of Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi (CIWY) is under severe fire threat. It is one of three CIWY-run sanctuaries caring for a total of over 500 rescued animals across 39 species, some of which are endangered. The animals were rescued from illegal trafficking, poaching, and habitat destruction. CIWY is a Bolivian non-profit that rescues and protects wild animals.

The area is a natural corridor for big cats and other endangered animals, and at least one jaguar was seen crossing roads in a mad exodus of scorched and frightened wildlife. Voracious flames and choking smoke kill animals outright and also chase them from their habitat, making them susceptible to opportunistic predators as they flee.

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