Wildfires – Indonesia

Smog in Singapore has reached hazardous levels and is set to persist as forest fires rage on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, with the nations’ governments bickering over responsibility for the haze.

Activists have suggested that Malaysia and Singapore should pressure both the Indonesian government and palm-oil companies that are burning forests to clear the way for plantations to halt the destructive practice.

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Wildfires USA – Update

The massive Black Forest wildfire in Colorado is a lot closer to being contained but a new one in Arizona is getting bigger by the hour. The fire is burning near the town of Prescott in northern Arizona and is forcing homeowners there to evacuated.

Two lightning-sparked fires in the San Juan Mountains in Colorado have grown to 3,280 acres, forcing emergency crews to rescue 13 backcountry campers by helicopter and deploy crews to protect the Wolf Creek Ski Area.

Wildfires have also flared up in northern Alaska.

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