Wildfires – Wisconsin, USA

Six buildings caught fire and 15 homes had to be evacuated as warm weather and dry conditions helped fuel wildfires in central Wisconsin.

Wildfires – Jordan-Israel

The Jordan Valley Farmers Union is arranging to file a lawsuit against Israel at the International Court for the recurring fires that erupt on the Israeli-Jordanian borderline and damage thousands of agricultural lands annually, JVFU President Adnan Khaddam said Wednesday.

Farmers who own lands adjacent to the border incur each year huge losses as their trees, crops and infrastructure are burned in fires that start in Israel and spread to the Kingdom, Khaddam said.

He noted that fires start during this time of year and continue recurring until the end of summer, charging that Israel “deliberately” starts the fires to get rid of the dry grass that grows on the border for security reasons.

“The fires are increasing every year and there is nothing stopping Israel from starting the fires without taking precautionary measures that prevent flames from reaching the Jordanian side,” Khaddam told The Jordan Times.

The first fire of the season erupted last Sunday night in Wadi Al Rayyan in the Central Jordan Valley, according to Khaddam, who said the flames raged again on Monday.

Wildfires – Mongolia

Since the beginning of this year, 60 soums in 15 provinces were hit by 116 wildfires. Fifty of the fires broke out in just three provinces in the eastern region of Mongolia, including Khentii, Sukhbaatar and Dornod.

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) reported on Friday that the wildfires that have been causing substantial damage to both the people and the environment were finally extinguished in Dornod and Sukhbaatar provinces at the end of last week.

Khentii Province’s soums remain on fire now, while rescuers are working to put out fires in Khuvsgul and Uvs provinces.

Amongst other methods, cloud seeding is used to fight wildfires in Mongolia.

soum = county


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