Wildfires – Nepal

Wildfires are raging through several forests, protected areas and bio-corridors in Kailali district, destroying local flora and fauna on their paths.

The district’s assistant forest officer Bhim Prasad Dhakal said on Tuesday that wildfires were raging in Mohana bio-corridor and the forests in Basanta, Karnali, Chure and Bhawar areas. “More than 500 hectares of forest cover has been destroyed so far,” Dhakal said.

In Kailali, there is no mechanism in place to control forest fires.

Wildfires – California, USA

A fire near Byron, California started to spread quickly on Wednesday, growing to include seven wildfires across 500 acres, authorities said. Firefighters from Contra Costa and Alameda counties were battling flames about 60 miles east of San Francisco, on Wednesday, the Alameda County Fire Department said.

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