Wildfires – Tasmania

A number of serious bushfires are burning across Tasmania, with firefighters from NSW and New Zealand flying in to assist with efforts. The Miena community is being evacuated as more than 6500 hectares of bush burns at the Great Pine Tier in the Central Plateau. Tasmania Fire Service said the fire is very difficult to control, warning burning embers will threaten homes before the main fire.

Wildfires – New Zealand

A blaze started by an explosion set off on a Bay of Islands beach has swept through part of a historic reserve known for its large kiwi population.

The fire started just before 9pm on Saturday at Rangihoua Bay, on the Purerua Peninsula, and quickly spread up a steep hillside in Rangihoua Heritage Park.

Some witnesses believed the explosion was caused by a petrol bomb, others that the device was made from a large quantity of fireworks. Firefighters described it as a home-made incendiary device.

The most upsetting thing was hearing the sound of kiwi’s screaming from the burning hillside.

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