Wildfires – Alberta, Canada

Nearly 5,000 people have been evacuated from their homes in northern Alberta, Canada, to escape a monstrous blaze that has reached nearly 230,000 acres, officials in the province said. The Chuckegg Creek Wildfire, burning in Mackenzie County just two miles south of the town of High Level, has been torching ground for more than two days. It is just one of a “number of out-of-control wildfires” burning in the province.

The town of Slave Lake, where four new wildfires began Tuesday, also is on high alert. Three of the fires had been extinguished and one was “being held,” officials said. The city’s hotels are packed with evacuees fleeing the fire in High Level.

Wildfires – Trinidad and Tobago

Three natural oil seepage pits in Guapo, used for disposal of bio-hazardous water material, ignited on Tuesday. And fire officers battled for almost ten hours to prevent the blaze from spreading to nearby communities. The blaze was triggered by a bush fire.

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