The Impact of Plastic on Wildlife

A plastic bag or a six pack ring floating by in the ocean would cause someone to cringe. Large pieces of plastics are easy to spot, campaign around and clean up. But who cleans up the nearly invisible pieces of plastic floating around bodies of water – microplastics? The tragic effect of plastic on wildlife is often overlooked.

Bird microplastics

Island Culls

Some scientists are proposing that feral cats and dogs, rodents, pigs and goats should be culled on 169 islands to save critically endangered species.

A study published in the journal PLOS ONE argues that the invasive animals often occupy islands where the entire native population is at risk of extinction.

Most of the invasive animals were inadvertently introduced to the islands by visiting ships or brought there intentionally by humans.

Successful culls have been conducted on islands such as South Georgia, which is now rat-free for the first time in two centuries.

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