1.5 Million Roaches Escape Chinese Breeding Farm

At least 1.5 million cockroaches escaped a breeding facility in eastern China’s Jiangsu province, infesting nearby farmland and homes.

The province’s board of health investigators are at a loss on how to rid the region of the pests.

Wang Pengsheng began raising the insects so their extracts could be used as a traditional Chinese medicine treatment for cancer and inflammation, and to allegedly improve immunity.

He had been raising the roaches on a diet of fruits and biscuits when something destroyed the plastic greenhouses he was using for the enterprise.

Local villagers were reported to be worried that the escaped hexapods would damage their crops and bring diseases.

Local authorities were working to calm those fears.

According to the website YinYangHouse.com, roach parts or extracts can renew “joints, sinews and bones, (heal) contusions, fractures and lacerations” and are also used for a “wide variety of blood stasis such as abdominal masses and amenorrhea, (as well as) numb and swollen tongue.”


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