Honolulu Molasses Spill

Tens of thousands of fish died in Honolulu Harbour after 1,400 tons of molasses spilled from a leaky pipe as the sugary substance was being moved from storage tanks to a ship. The Hawaii Department of Health said that no endangered species have been identified among the more than 26,000 dead fish, shellfish and other marine life that have been collected.

Officials said the spill was one of the worst man-made disasters to strike Hawaii in recent memory.

“There’s nothing you can do to clean up molasses,” said Jeff Hull, a spokesman for Matson Inc., the shipping company responsible for the leak. “It’s sunk to the bottom of the harbor. Unlike oil, which can be cleaned from the surface, molasses sinks.”

Matson said it would pay for the entire cleanup costs without passing the charges onto taxpayers or its clients.


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