Another record year for manatee deaths

Wildlife experts say more manatees were killed by boaters in Florida this year than in any other.

At a time when boaters are supposed to slow down, wildlife experts say some aren’t following the rules, with deadly results. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says last year, 125 manatees were killed by boat, and so far this year, 129 manatees were killed.

Although manatees are no longer listed as endangered, they still face many dangers.

Koala Receives Water from Passing Cyclists

This desperate koala can be seen hastily drinking water in a bid to cool down amid the soaring heat in Australia. The marsupial approached a group of cyclists who were riding towards Adelaide, where temperatures are nearing 40C. The group saw the stricken animal in the middle of the road when they went round a bend in the state of South Australia and came to its assistance.

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