80 Elephants Poisoned With Cyanide in Zimbabwe Park

The accelerated pace of wildlife poaching across Africa in recent months has resulted in the gruesome slaughter of more than 80 elephants that died of cyanide poisoning in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.

According to authorities, a well-coordinated poaching syndicate, targeting the animals’ ivory tusks, laced water and salt licks with the poison at main drinking sites for the elephants.

While the mass killing of the elephants in such a cruel manner is tragic, wildlife advocates say such a poisoning technique threatens many other animals in the park.

“The repercussions are just so big. All the carnivores in the park like your lions, your leopards, the birds, they will all have perished too from eating the elephant meat.” Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force chairman Johnny Rodrigues told SW Radio Africa.

Police say nine suspected members of the poaching syndicate have been arrested since the first elephant carcasses were discovered late last month.


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