Whales Strand in Mauritius

Eighteen melon-headed whales washed upon the shores of Mauritius on Wednesday. The whales, some of them still alive when they were found, later died. They stranded on the soutyhj-eastern beaches of Grand Sable and some of them had injuries. The Department of Fisheries. Reported that they had no trace of hydro-carbons on them and their deaths appear unrelated to the oil still off Mauritius.


Migratory Tragedy

More than 300 wildebeests perished during a suspected stampede while crossing the Mara River on Aug. 23 in Kenya’s Maasai Mara Game Reserve.

The Nation daily reported that the bloated carcasses littered the river, filling the air of the country’s most famous game park with the stench of death. The park’s deputy chief game warden, Eddy Nkoitoi, said there were so many dead wildebeests in the water that the crocodiles and vultures couldn’t eat them all. Those that drowned unfortunately picked a part of the river to cross that was swollen by heavy rains upstream.


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