5.5 Earthquake hits Gulf of California.

5.4 Earthquake hits Tarapaca, Chile.

5.3 Earthquake hits near the south coast of New Guinea, Papua, New Guinea.

5.1 Earthquake hits south-eastern Alaska.

5.0 Earthquake hits southern Alaska.

5.0 Earthquake hits Nias region, Indonesia.


Chinese media urges action on air pollution

Chinese media said on Monday the government had to take urgent action to tackle air pollution, which has blanketed parts of the country at dangerous levels in recent days, and one newspaper called for a re-think of a “fixation” on economic growth.

China’s media are under tight Communist Party control and usually steer clear of controversy, but news organisations are more free to report on pollution, partly because it can’t be hidden from the public.

Air quality in Beijing was far above hazardous levels over the weekend, reaching 755 on an index that measures particulate matter in the air with a diameter of 2.5 micrometers. A level of 300 is considered dangerous while the World Health Organisation recommends a daily level of no more than 20.

Beijing Smog


Crew Adrift in Indonesia

Fifteen crew members of the ship KM Tirta Samudra XXI, which sank in the Java Sea early Friday, have been drifting on a lifeboat near Karimun Jawa Island, have remained unreachable due to extreme weather and 4 metre high waves. Latest rescue attempts failed to find the lifeboat at the co-ordinates given.


Wildfires in Australia

More than 170 fires continue to burn across New South Wales, at least 30 of them are uncontained.

A Victorian firefighter has died battling the bushfires in Tasmania.


Two Children Die in Seasonal Diarrhoea Outbreak – Cape Town

At least two children have died and thousands have been treated for gastric-related complications across the city as the notorious diarrhoea season gains momentum. In the numerous informal settlements around the city, where there is poor sanitation, residents are particularly at risk in hot weather. The cases, which start around November, usually peak during February and March.

Storms and Floods

Flash floods across Blytheville, Arkansas

Heavy rain caused flash flooding across Blytheville, Arkansas, United States. A flash flood watch is in effect.

Tornado in Western Kentucky, USA

An EF-2 tornado touched down in Hampton, Livingston County on Saturday afternoon. Two churches, a grain silo and several homes were damaged.