Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

Quiet day for Earthquakes.

4.9 Earthquake hits off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia.


Baby Cured of HIV Aids

A baby girl in Mississippi who was born with HIV has been cured after very early treatment with standard HIV drugs, U.S. researchers reported on Sunday, in a potentially ground-breaking case that could offer insights on how to eradicate HIV infection in its youngest victims.

Doctors started treatment within 30 hours of the girl’s birth.

The child’s story is the first account of an infant achieving a so-called functional cure, a rare event in which a person achieves remission without the need for drugs and standard blood tests show no signs that the virus is making copies of itself.


Snow Drought in Baltimore, USA

Baltimore on pace for record 2-year snow drought. The Baltimore area may get one more chance at a significant snowfall next week, but if it fails to materialize, the region could be wrapping up a record two-year snow drought. No back-to-back winters have posted as little snow as last winter and this winter.


Roundup of Global Volcanic Activity:

Etna (Sicily, Italy): Strombolian activity at the Voragine continued during the night and seems quite intense.

Taal (Luzon, Philippines): Earthquake activity has decreased over the past weeks to averages of about 3 weak events per day. PHILVOLCS continues to maintain alert level 1 (unrest).

Fuego (Guatemala): During the last hours, the lava effusion has significantly increased and the active lava flow towards the canyon Trinidad has reached 1,000 meters in length. At the summit, strombolian-type explosions are continuous and produce constant degassing sounds. INSIVUMEH warns in its special bulletin of the possibility of another larger eruption, that could include stronger explosions and pyroclastic flows generated by explosions and collapse of parts of the lava flow on the steep slope, in a similar way as during the strong eruption in mid February, only about 2 1/2 weeks ago.

Reventador (Ecuador): Magma continues to arrive in the summit crater, evidenced by glow observed during the night. The seismic station experiences transmission problems, but still shows many long-period earthquakes as sign of internal activity at the volcano.

Tungurahua (Ecuador): Weak explosions and ash emissions have continued, accompanied by ongoing elevated seismic activity. Light gray ash fall has affected areas SW of the volcano.

Heard (Australia, Southern Indian Ocean): Several hot spots are visible in and near the summit crater on MODIS satellite data, suggesting that activity (lava dome growth?, explosive activity?) is continuing.

Storms and Floods

Floods in Ecuador

At least eight people have been died in recent flooding in Ecuador. The floods occurred in Guayas, a southwestern state of Ecuador.

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Snowstorm in Japan

Heavy snow that fell in northern Japan over the weekend has killed eight people on Hokkaido island.

A woman and her three children died after their car stucked in snow. Two others were buried in Nakashibetsu and Yubetsu region

Avalanche in East Siberia, Russia

At least six teenage boys are reported to be missing in an avalanche in east Siberia, Russia.

The disaster occurred near Mugur-Aksy village close to the Mongolian border.

Dozens of rescue workers and a helicopter are still searching for the missing boys.

More Floods NSW, Australia

More heavy rainfall across northern NSW has again flooded many parts of the region’s coastal river valleys, with flood warnings still in place. Beef and dairy cattle farms in the Manning Valley are covered with floodwater.