Storms and Floods

Rainstorm in Tamale, Ghana

Rainstorm in Tamale region of Ghana has claimed one life.

Flash floods destroyed at least one hundred houses.

Tropical Cyclone Tim located 130 nm east-northeast of Willis Island, Australia.


Roundup of Global Volcanic Activity:

Stromboli (Eolian Islands, Italy): The lava flow is still weakly active, but has decreased considerably in length again. Tremor remains high, suggesting that this phase of increased activity is far from over.

Colima (Western Mexico): The volcano remains very active with many volcanic earthquakes, explosion and rockfall signals showing up on recent seismograms.

San Cristobal (Nicaragua): Small volcanic earthquakes continue to occur at high frequency and occasionally merge into pulses of volcanic tremor. A swarm of small quakes at shallow depth shows up on 13 March. Similar earthquakes appear to be returning to their background level at nearby Telica volcano, while volcanic earthquakes, normally frequent at Concepcion remain sparse.

Poas (Costa Rica): A small swarm of local earthquakes occurred at or near Poas yesterday, possibly related to or indicating small hydro-volcanic explosions.

Sabancaya (Peru): A 4.7 magnitude earthquake occurred near the volcano (35 km to the east) this morning, another indication that some unrest, probably caused by an intrusion of magma from depth, continues to affect this volcano.


Galena Fire – Colorado, USA

Wildfire in northern Colorado, USA has burned more than than 1 000 acres. The fire began yesterday west of Fort Collins. Evacuation orders have been issued for south and west of Horsetooth Reservoir.