Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

No magnitude 5+ quakes to report for a second day.

China using dogs to predict earthquakes

A Chinese city is using dogs to predict earthquakes, an official said, after state-run media reported that neighbours were complaining of nightly false alarms – in the form of barking.

China is regularly hit by seismic tremors. Around 200 people were left dead or missing by a quake in Sichuan province last month, and hundreds of thousands have been killed in major disasters in the past. The earthquake authority of Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi province in the east, keeps dogs since they will “act abnormally when an earthquake is coming”, sometimes up to 10 days in advance.

The bureau used the dogs at the request of the provincial government, and chickens and ducks could be effective as well. But neighbours are complaining on social media about the animals’ nightly howling. “The compound of the Nanchang earthquake authority has I don’t know how many dogs, every night at 11pm they start barking over and over.” The dogs have now been sent to a lower-level earthquake bureau in the city but they denied they had been barking.


Drought in Panama

Panama on Tuesday ordered government offices and private businesses to slash their power consumption and temporarily closed schools in response to a drought that has sapped the country’s hydroelectric energy supply.

Storms and Floods

Sri Lanka Floods

Heavy torrential rains over the past few days have left 90,000 people affected by floods in Sri Lanka’s Western province around the capital Colombo, but there was no cyclone threat, authorities said.


Cyclone injures 100 people in B’baria. A devastating cyclone damaged more than hundreds of houses and injured more than 100 people in the district Wednesday while lightning strikes claimed the lives of at least four people.

Other News:

Heavy sandstorm in Al Qasseem, Saudi Arabia has turned day into night. The sandstorm reduced visibility and brought traffic to a standstill.

A state of disaster is declared due to flooding in 19 counties in Michigan, USA.

Cyclonic storms with lightning and rains have claimed the lives of at least seven people in Tripura, India. At least 20 people were injured by lightning strikes.

At least three people died when a house collapsed due to heavy rain in Hunan Province, China.


Wildfires in Siberia

Firefighters extinguished 19 wildfires in Russia’s Far East in the past 24 hours, the local forestry department said on Friday. 46 wildfires had been registered in the Far East in the past 24 hours.

Space Events

‘Ring of fire’ solar eclipse today

The moon will block part of the sun Thursday to create a potentially amazing “ring of fire” and you can watch the celestial sight live online.

The “ring of fire” solar eclipse — known as an annular solar eclipse — will be viewable (weather permitting) over certain areas of Australia and islands in the Southern Pacific Ocean where the local time will be Friday.

The eclipse can be seen online at link.

Dykstra roswell eclipse bird


Roundup of Global Volcanic Activity:

Popocatépetl (Central Mexico): A significant increase in activity occurred at the volcano. Starting at 19:28 h local time yesterday, volcanic tremor of high amplitude has been recorded for 3.5 hours and accompanied by strong steam and ash emissions creating an eruption column rising 3 km. Explosions ejected incandescent fragments to distances of 700 m from the crater. The eruption plume drifted ESE and caused ash fall in areas of the villages of San Juan Tianguismanalco, San Pedro Benito Juárez and the City of Puebla. It is possible that more ash fall will be reported from other villages in the east, south-east (Atlixco) and south (Tochimilco).