Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

6.0 Earthquake hits the southern Yukon Territory, Canada.

5.3 Earthquake hits the Solomon Islands.

5.1 Earthquake hits Taiwan.

5.0 Earthquake hits the Solomon Islands.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms

In the Western Pacific:

Typhoon Rammasun is located approximately 114 nm west-northwest of Manila, Philippines.


Bulgaria – A state of emergency has been declared in Bulgaria’s Black Sea municipality of Primorsko. Heavy rainfall caused the Dyavolska and Ropotamo rivers to burst their banks. The Sozopol – Primorsko and Primorsko – Yasna Polyana roads have been flooded and are closed for traffic.

Uruguay – Floods have displaced 1,884 people out of their homes in western Uruguay. Paysandu province in Bulgaria is reported to be worst hit by the floods displacing 1,082 people.

China – A landslide in Guizhou province in China has buried eight people.

Global Warming

Global Warming Reaches New Records

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, average global temperatures in April, May and June this year were the highest since the beginning of official records, in 1891.

The Japanese records, released on Monday, show that this year’s second quarter was about 0.68 degrees Celsius warmer than the average for the whole 20th century.

U.S. space agency NASA uses different method for calculating average temperature, but its records, released Monday, show almost identical results.

In addition, the U.S. Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Mauna Loa Observatory reports that the monthly average of carbon dioxide levels in the earth’s atmosphere reached 400 parts per million, the highest in the last 800,000 years.


Black Fever Outbreak in Kenya

Two people have been confirmed dead and more than 150 others tested positive after an outbreak of Kala-Azar disease, also known as black fever, in Wajir North Sub County. Over 150 people diagnosed with the disease showcased high prolonged fever, swelling of the liver and spleen with massive weight loss. The Wajir County Health Department now says the disease is spreading fast to the neighbouring Garissa and Mandera Counties.

Ebola Outbreak in West Africa – Update

68 people have died in the last week alone, according to the World Health Organisation ebola-virus-epidemic Members of Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières, MSF) putting on protective gear at the isolation ward of the Donka Hospital in Conakry, Guinea, where people infected with the Ebola virus are being treated. AFP The death toll from the world’s worst ever Ebola outbreak in West Africa has risen to 603 since February, with at least 68 deaths reported from three countries in the region in the last week alone, the World Health Organisation said on Tuesday.

WHO said there were 85 new cases between July 8-12, highlighting continued high levels of transmission. International and local medics were struggling to get access to communities as many people feared outsiders were spreading rather than fighting Ebola.

Sierra Leone recorded the highest number of deaths, which include confirmed, probable and suspect cases of Ebola, with 52. Liberia reported 13 and Guinea 3, according to the WHO figures.



Washington, USA

A state of emergency has been declared following forest fire near Leavenworth, Washington which has threatened 1,200 homes.

The Chiwaukum Creek Fire about 10 miles north of Leavenworth had raced across more than 1,200 acres by Wednesday evening.