Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

5.3 Earthquake hits the Molucca Sea.

5.1 Earthquake hits Papua, Indonesia.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

Tropical cyclone (tc) 11s (Fundi), located approximately 570 nm south-southwest of Antananarivo, Madagascar, and is tracking southward at 13 knots.

Tropical Storm (TS) 02w (Higos), located approximately 724 nm east of Andersen AFB, Guam and is tracking northwestward at 03 knots.

Gl sst mm 1


Measles Outbreak in Germany

The United States has been shocked by a surge in measles cases with more than 100 incidents in January alone.

This, however, is much less worrisome than a current outbreak in Germany.

While authorities there had hoped to completely eliminate the disease this year, 254 new cases emerged in January, primarily in Berlin. If we consider that the German population is only one fourth of the United States’, the German measles surge was about 10 times worse than the one in the United States in January, relative to the total population.


Wildfires – California, USA

A wildfire at the foot of the Sierra Nevada has damaged homes after growing to more than 10 square miles and prompting the mandatory evacuation of two small Northern California towns near the Nevada state line.

The unusual winter blaze on the border of Inyo and Mono counties near the Mammoth Lakes resort is 30 percent contained, Cal Fire Capt. Liz Brown said Saturday. Dying winds and rain have helped crews stop the fire’s growth.

Twenty structures, including homes and outbuildings, have been damaged or destroyed, Brown said. One firefighter was treated for smoke inhalation.


Roundup of Global Volcanic Activity

Suwanose-jima (Ryukyu Islands): An eruption from the volcano was reported this morning by Tokyo VAAC.

Soputan (North Sulawesi, Indonesia): The eruption continues at the volcano. It feeds a viscous lava flow about 500 m long on the volcano’s upper western flank. Intermittent explosions and incandescent rockfalls accompany this activity.

Pacaya (Guatemala): Small ash emissions continue, probably from mild, deep-seated strombolian activity in the new pit inside Mackenney crater described a week ago.

Fuego (Guatemala): Explosions remain frequent and often strong, producing ash plumes that rise 1-1.3 km above the crater and are accompanied by shock waves that rattle roof and windows in nearby villages.

Villarrica (Central Chile): Magma has reached the surface of the inner summit crater. Strombolian activity has formed a new small cone containing a small lava lake in its open vent. This followed a strong increase in volcanic tremor to about 20 times background level starting since Thursday. Glow from the volcano’s top has become visible at night. An overflight confirmed the presence of lava inside the deep pit at the summit crater. SERNAGEOMIN raised the alert level of the volcano to yellow. So far, this activity represents a very typical state of the volcano. If it remains like this, it does not pose significant threats to the surroundings unless activity strongly increases, which could result in the generation of lahars (mud flows due to meltwater from the summit) in particular. These could threaten the areas of the towns of Villarrica, Pucón, Curarrehue and Panguipulli. Chile’s civil protection ONEMI has issued a pre-alert, still coded as green, as a precaution.

Barren Island (Indian Ocean): As the Culture Volcan blog pointed out, a weak thermal anomaly was detected on satellite data above the volcano yesterday. The hot spot is weak, but could indicate some sort of activity occurring at the volcano. What could be a plume is visible on other satellite imagery, but for now, there is no confirmation of volcanic activity.