Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

6.9 Earthquake hits Myanmar.

A strong earthquake struck Myanmar on Wednesday night and was felt in parts of eastern India and Bangladesh, causing residents to rush out of their homes in panic. Residents in Myanmar’s main city of Yangon also panicked after the quake struck, but authorities there said there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

5.9 Earthquake hits Mindanao in the Philippines.

5.6 Earthquake hits Potosi, Bolivia.

5.5 Earthquake hits region Metropolitana, Chile.

5.5 Earthquake hits near the east coast of Kamchatka, Russia.

5.0 Earthquake hits the Kermedec Islands.

5.0 Earthquake hits the Molucca Sea

5.0 Earthquake hits the Andreanof Islands in the Aleutian Islands.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

Tropical cyclone (tc) 19s (Fantala), located approximately 575 nm northeast of Port Louis, Mauritius, and is tracking westward at 08 knots.


Uganda – Kampala residents woke up to a wet Wednesday morning. Many low-lying areas experienced flash floods, cutting off roads. Rain water filled in peoples’ houses, with residents forced to remove some of their belongings out of their homes and to high-level drier areas.


Yellow fever – Angola – Update

On 21 January 2016, the National IHR Focal Point of Angola notified WHO of an outbreak of yellow fever (YF). The first case with onset date on 5 December 2015 was identified in Viana municipality, Luanda province.

As of 7 April 2016, a total of 1,708 suspected cases, including 238 deaths (CFR: 13.9%), had been reported from 16 of the country’s 18 provinces. Luanda remains the most affected province with 1,135 cases (405 confirmed), including 165 deaths (CFR: 14. 5%). The other most affected provinces are Huambo (266 suspected cases, 37 deaths), Huila (95 suspected cases, 16 deaths) and Benguela (51 suspected cases, 0 deaths). Between 6 and 7 April, 30 new suspected cases, including 4 deaths, were reported across the country – 19 of these suspected cases and 2 of the reported deaths came from Luanda.

Transmission of the disease is no longer restricted to Luanda. As of 7 April 2016, the National Final Classification Committee had confirmed local transmission in five other provinces (Benguela, Cuanza Sul, Huambo, Huila and Uige) and in a total of 10 districts.

In addition, international spread of the disease has already been documented. Recent imported cases of YF have in fact been detected in China, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)


Roundup of Global Volcanic Activity

Santiaguito (Guatemala): A violent explosion associated with a partial dome collapse occurred Monday morning at the Caliente dome. The eruption generated an ash column that rose several kilometres and a pyroclastic flow that traveled through the canyon draining from the dome complex to the SE. Since this event, the dome has returned to normal activity with only occasional smaller explosions. Weak effusive activity continues to generate rock falls on the dome’s eastern flank.

Nyiragongo (DRCongo): The secondary vent remains active, a recent visit (on 8 April) at the volcano showed. Lava continues to be erupted from the side vent on the eastern crater floor and occasionally still cascades into the main pit with the active lava lake.