Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

5.7 Earthquake hits Alaska.

5.7 Earthquake hits Tonga.

5.3 Earthquake hits Hokkaido, Japan.

5.2 Earthquake hits the Santa Cruz Islands.

5.2 Earthquake hits south of Fiji.

5.0 Earthquake hits Potosi, Bolivia.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

Gl sst mm

In the Eastern Pacific:

Tropical Storm Darby is located about 55 mi…85 km W of Kailua-Kona Hawaii and about 145 mi…230 km SSE of Honolulu Hawaii with maximum sustained winds…40 mph…65 km/h. Present movement…WNW or 290 degrees at 10 mph…17 km/h.

Tropical Storm Frank is located about 240 mi…385 km SSW of the southern tip of Baja California with maximum sustained winds…65 mph…100 km/h. Present movement…NW or 305 degrees at 8 mph…13 km/h.

Hurricane Georgette is located about 1085 mi…1740 km WSW of the southern tip of Baja California with maximum sustained winds…80 mph…130 km/h. Present movement…WNW or 290 degrees at 10 mph…17 km/h.

In the Western Pacific:

Tropical storm 04w (Lupit), located approximately 985 nm east of Yokosuka, Japan, is tracking north-northeastward at 25 knots.


China – Update – Torrential rains that have swept through China have killed at least 154 people and left 124 missing, officials said Saturday, with most of the casualties reported from the northern province, Hebei where villagers complained about lack of warning before a deadly flash flood. The rains, which began on Monday, have flooded streams, triggered landslides and destroyed homes across the country. Most of the fatalities were reported in the northern province of Hebei, where the provincial Department of Civil Affairs said 114 people were killed and 111 others were missing. More than 300,000 people were evacuated in Hebei, and the province made another round of appropriations of tents, blankets, rain boots and generators, the department said. In the Hebei city of Xingtai alone, 25 people were killed and another 13 were missing.

India – Update – The flood situation remained grim in Arunachal Pradesh with several overflowing rivers submerging fresh areas in the state on Saturday.

Global Warming

NASA Study reveals nearly one-fifth of Global Warming over the years has been missed

A new NASA-led study finds that almost one-fifth of the global warming that has occurred in the past 150 years has been missed by historical records due to quirks in how global temperatures were recorded. The study explains why projections of future climate based solely on historical records estimate lower rates of warming than predictions from climate models.

The study applied the quirks in the historical records to climate model output and then performed the same calculations on both the models and the observations to make the first true apples-to-apples comparison of warming rates.

The Arctic is warming faster than the rest of Earth, but there are fewer historic temperature readings from there than from lower latitudes because it is so inaccessible. A data set with fewer Arctic temperature measurements naturally shows less warming than a climate model that fully represents the Arctic.

The new study also accounted for two other issues. First, the historical data mix air and water temperatures, whereas model results refer to air temperatures only. This quirk also skews the historical record toward the cool side, because water warms less than air.

The final issue is that there was considerably more Arctic sea ice when temperature records began in the 1860s, and early observers recorded air temperatures over nearby land areas for the sea-ice-covered regions. As the ice melted, later observers switched to water temperatures instead. That also pushed down the reported temperature change.

These quirks hide around 19 percent of global air-temperature warming since the 1860s. That’s enough that calculations generated from historical records alone were cooler than about 90 percent of the results from the climate models that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) uses for its authoritative assessment reports. In the apples-to-apples comparison, the historical temperature calculation was close to the middle of the range of calculations from the IPCC’s suite of models.


Wildfires – California, USA

A burned body was found Saturday at the scene of a brushfire north of Los Angeles that has scorched 31 square miles and prompted the evacuation of 1,500 homes, authorities said.

The area was one of several neighbourhoods ordered evacuated as the fire raged through bone-dry canyons and ranch lands. The fire burned through the area Saturday evening. Firefighters reported that some buildings had been engulfed, but it was not immediately clear whether they were homes, outbuildings or garages.

The fire was only 10 percent contained Saturday night as it burned on the edge of Santa Clarita and into the Angeles National Forest and showed no sign of calming. More than 900 firefighters and water-dropping helicopters planned to battle the flames overnight, but they could face several fronts.

About 300 miles up the coast, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection firefighters battled a 10-square-mile blaze in rugged mountains north of the majestic Big Sur region.

The blaze 5 miles south of Garrapata State Park posed a threat to about 1,000 homes and the community of Palo Colorado was ordered evacuated, Cal Fire said.


Zika Virus – Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands

With the addition of 1145 new confirmed locally acquired Zika virus cases during the past week, health officials in Puerto Rico now put the island’s tally at 5582 cases since the arrival of the virus to the island in Dec. 2015.

Secretary of the Department of Health, Ana Ríus Armendariz also notes of the total, 119 additional cases were reported in pregnant women for a total of 672, 10 hospitalizations for a total of 65 and 2 cases of Guillain Barré syndrome (GBS) for a total of 21.

In the US Virgin Islands, the Department of Health (DOH) reported nine additional Zika virus cases in the territory, bringing the total to 56 confirmed cases. 18 cases have been reported on St. Croix and 38 on St. Thomas.


Anthrax in Bulgaria

Health officials in Bulgaria announced that four cows had died from the bacterial disease, anthrax, in Silistra district in northeastern Bulgaria. Bulgaria reported a number of anthrax outbreaks in humans and animals in 2015.

India – Encephalitis

The Manipur health department today confirmed the outbreak of Japanese encephalitis in the state with the detection of nine positive cases across six districts.

Director of the health department Okram Ibomcha Singh said nine positive cases had been confirmed so far and more blood samples are being examined. He, however, clarified that the outbreak has not taken the form of an epidemic.