Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

6.6 Earthquake hits the Loyalty Islands.

5.7 Earthquake hits Halmahera, Indonesia.

5.3 Earthquake hits Halmahera, Indonesia.

5.2 Earthquake hits offshore Chiapas, Mexico.

5.1 Earthquake hits Guam.

Two 5.0 Earthquakes hit the Loyalty Islands.

5.0 Earthquake hits Halmahera, Indonesia.

Upsurge in big earthquakes predicted for 2018 as Earth rotation slows

Scientists have warned there could be a big increase in numbers of devastating earthquakes around the world next year. They believe variations in the speed of Earth’s rotation could trigger intense seismic activity, particularly in heavily populated tropical regions.

Although such fluctuations in rotation are small – changing the length of the day by a millisecond – they could still be implicated in the release of vast amounts of underground energy.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:


In the Western Pacific: Tropical Depression 31w (Kirogi), located approximately 142 nm east-northeast of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is tracking west-northwestward at 15 knots.


Greece – The death toll from flooding in and around Athens rose to 19 on Saturday after three more bodies were recovered west of the Greek capital.

UAE – Five Indian nationals were rescued from a car that was washed away by wadi flood waters in Khor Fakkan on Friday after heavy rains and rescue personnel are searching for another missing student.

Australia – Heavy rain caused flash flooding in parts of Melbourne on Saturday (Nov 18), after the Australian city was lashed by a series of storms. Water poured down the steps to Flinders Street railway station in the heart of Melbourne, and commuters were seen removing their shoes to walk through ankle-deep water. Rain also seeped through the roof of Melbourne Airport’s international terminal, after 20mm of rainfall in under 10 minutes.


Nigeria – Hepatitis E

Since Feb. 2017, Hepatitis E virus (HEV) infection was confirmed in 8 local government areas (LGAs) of Borno, with transmission still ongoing in Rann Kala Balge. The total number of jaundice cases reported since that time is 1262.

Infected Fugitives

Black Death patients are escaping hospital and refusing treatment sparking fears it may spread. Chief of medicine at a plague hospital in Madagascar says patients are scared of needles and not used to hospital treatment.

Security guards at the Central Anti-Plague Hospital in Ambohimindra, Madagascar, are tasked with keeping patients in as well as making sure those arriving follow safety procedures.

Malagasy people have also been told not to carry out their traditional burial tradition of Famidihana which involves digging up their dead relatives every seven years. It means ‘turning the bones’ and sees families cleaning the remains, rewrapping them and reburying them while other family members perform a special dance.

The African island’s government has told citizens to pause the tradition for fear the plague bacteria is still active in the corpses and can be spread to the living.