Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

5.3 earthquake hits near the north coast of New Guinea, Papua New Guinea.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

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In the Western Pacific Ocean: Tropical depression 11w (Eleven), Tropical storm (ts) 11w (Son-Tinh), located approximately 173 nm southeast of Hanoi, Vietnam is tracking westward at 12 knots.

Tropical depression (td) 12w (Twelve), located approximately 439 nm south of Kadena AFB, Okinawa, Japan, is tracking east-northeastward at 04 knots.

In the Central Pacific Ocean: Invest 91L is an area of disturbed weather in the central Pacific that has the potential for further tropical development.


Vietnam – Flash floods and landslides triggered by heavy rains have killed at least seven people and left 12 others missing in northern Vietnam. In the worst-hit province of Lai Chau, five people were killed and authorities have been mobilising forces to search for the 12 missing, the provincial government said in a statement on Monday.

Massachusetts, USA – Thunderstorms have caused flights to be delayed and knocked out power in some parts of Massachusetts. Floods have been reported on many streets in Worcester and Oxford. Some towns, like North Grafton, received more than three inches of rain.

Screen Shot 2018 07 18 at 1 55 52 PM

Mongolia – Between 3 July to 5 July 2018, heavy rainfall of unprecedented intensity caused flash flooding in several parts of Mongolia affecting more than 792 households across the country.

China – Update – Heavy and continuous rainfall since 7 July 2018 has caused flooding in most parts of Sichuan and the southeast region of Gansu Province. In some areas of North Central Sichuan, there have been heavy rainstorms and torrential rains for four consecutive days. These were also compounded by the effects of two weather systems in the area; Typhoon Prapiroon, and Typhoon Maria. According to reports from National Disaster Reduction Commission, as of 13 July 2018, floods have affected 1,381,000 people, where 3 persons have died; 222,000 have taken emergency resettlement; 22,000 needed emergency relief in Sichuan prefectures of Deyang, Mianyang, Guangyuan (that includes 15 cities and 70 counties); more than 900 houses have collapsed, and 29,000 houses have been damaged. A total of 36,900 hectares of crops have been affected by the floods and 5,200 hectares will have no harvests this year. Gansu province was hit even harder, according to the Ministry of Emergency Management. A heavy rainstorm occurred in Southeast Gansu from 10 to 11 July 2018. The provinces of Tianshui, Zhangye, Pingliang (including 10 cities and 46 counties) are flooded, and have affected 1,519,000 people where 12 have died; four are missing; and 30,000 were evacuated. More than 2,300 houses collapsed, and 19,000 were damaged to varying degrees.

Nature – Images

Interesting Images

In the Amazon, when turtles weep, butterflies drink. This image shot in the Peruvian Amazon shows an astonishing sight: colorful butterflies drinking tears directly from the eyes of turtles basking by the river.

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Space Events

The Moons of Jupiter

While hunting for the proposed Planet Nine, a massive planet that some believe could lie beyond Pluto, a team of scientists, led by Scott Sheppard from the Carnegie Institution for Science, found the 12 moons orbiting Jupiter. With this discovery, Jupiter now has a staggering 79 known orbiting moons — more than any other planet in the solar system.

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Wildfires – Sweden

Italian firefighting planes have been called in to help battle numerous wildfires across Sweden.

Sweden has been fighting wildfires all summer, and more were reported overnight, including in the Hälsingland region were firefighters have already spent days trying to put out blazes.

In Ljusdal municipality in Gävleborg county, residents in Enskogen and Ängra have been told to evacuate, and people in surrounding areas should stay inside and close doors and windows.

Dalarna, Jämtland and Gävleborg counties are the worst affected by the wildfires. At midnight, fire and rescue services in the Jämtland region reported 12 ongoing forest fires in their county.