Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

6.9 earthquake hits Greece.

5.8 earthquake hits the Kuril Islands.

5.5 earthquake hits Fiji.

5.2 earthquake hits Vanuatu.

5.0 earthquake hits southern Alaska.

5.0 earthquake hits near the coast of northern Peru.

5.0 earthquake hits the Andreanof Islands in the Aleutian Islands.

5.0 earthquake hits south of Tonga.

5.0 earthquake hits the Mariana Islands.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

In the Southern Hemisphere: Tropical cyclone 22s (Marian), located approximately 1317 nm west of Learmonth, Australia, is tracking east-southeastward at 04 knots.

Tropical cyclone 23p (Niran), located approximately 175 nm northeast of Cairns, Australia, is tracking northwestward at 01 knot.

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Brazil – Heavy rainfall hit the municipality of Lagoa Vermelha in the state of Grande do Sul, southern Brazil, from late 01 March 2021. Strong winds and lightning were also reported. Flooding damaged homes and roads. After carrying out initial assessments, the municipal government said at least 32 houses were severely damaged, some even destroyed, leaving families homeless.

Argentina – A severe storm brought torrential rainfall to Catamarca Province, Argentina, on 01 March 2021. Severe damages were reported in the city of Catamarca. Local media reported 90 mm of rain in 1 hour in the city of Catamarca. Buildings, road and infrastructure were damaged and power and drinking water supply cut. Around 20 families were evacuated and over 240 buildings damaged including a the San Juan Bautista Hospital.

Morocco – Heavy rain caused dramatic flash flooding in the city of Tétouan in northern Morocco on 01 March 2021. Roads and infrastructure were damaged and fast flowing flood waters and debris swept through streets dragging along vehicles. Local government reported 100 mm of rain in 9 hours to the afternoon of 01 March which caused rivers and drainage channels to overflow.

Global Warming

Global Warming Slowing Ocean Currents

New research reveals Earth’s major ocean currents are slowing down, and there are real-world impacts for global weather patterns and sea levels. The slowdown of ocean circulation is directly caused by warming global temperatures and has been predicted by climate scientists.

The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) transports water across the planet’s oceans, including the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian. The region contributing to the slowdown is the North Atlantic, according to the research due mainly to the meaning ice sheets in Greenland contributing both to a rise in sea levels and decrease in local salinity.

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Rare Australian Bee Rediscovered

An extremely rare species of bee that hasn’t been seen for nearly a century and was thought to be extinct has been rediscovered by a lone researcher in Australia.

This rare “masked” bee, known as Pharohylaeus lactiferus, is native to Australia and is the only species in the genus Pharohylaeus. It is similar in size to the invasive European honeybee (Apis mellifera). Only six individuals have been previously identified in Australia and the last one was reported in 1923.

A recent survey revealed three geographically isolated populations of the masked bees across Australia’s eastern coast. Each population lives in patches of tropical and subtropical rainforest with a specific vegetation type. It is thought that the bees are particularly dependent on firewheel trees (Stenocarpus sinuatus) and Illawarra flame trees (Brachychiton acerifolius).

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The countries with the 10 greatest number of Covid-19 cases:

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Ebola – Guinea

The Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak in Guinea has grown to 17 total cases (13 confirmed and 4 probable) and eight deaths, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Bird Flu – China

The World Health Organization (WHO) is reporting three new cases of human infection with avian influenza A(H9N2) virus in China.

Measles – Brazil

During the first six weeks of 2021, Brazil has reported 54 confirmed cases of measles. 250 suspected cases have been reported, of which 54 (22%) were confirmed, 35 (14%) were discarded, and 161 (64%) remain under investigation. No deaths were reported.