Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

5.6 earthquake hits Java, Indonesia.

5.3 earthquake hits the Bonin Islands off Japan.

5.2 earthquake hits Timor, Indonesia.

5.2 earthquake hits the southern east Pacific rise.

5.0 earthquake hits Kepulauan Metawai, Indonesia.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

In the Eastern Pacific Ocean: Hurricane 05e (Enrique), located approximately 970 nm southeast of San Diego, is tracking northwestward at 05 knots.

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Russia – Over 2,500 people have evacuated their homes in response to rising river levels in Amur Oblast in the Far East Region of Russia. As of 28 June, 764 homes were flooded across 8 municipalities of Amur Oblast, according to the Emergency Ministry, EMERCOM. in addition, over 1,800 yards and gardens were also flooded. Roads have been completely blocked to transport in 12 locations across Magdagachinsky, Shimanovsky, Blagoveshchensky and Svobodnensky Districts. Eight bridges have also been damaged. As a result, eleven communities are isolated.

Bulgaria – Dozens of homes were damaged after a torrential downpour in Sliven Province, Bulgaria, 26 June 2021. Officials say as much as 60 mm of rain fell in the space of just 1 hour in the municipality of Kotel. The ensuing floods damaged property and vehicles. Officials reported damage to homes and businesses, with flood water up to 1 metre deep. Local media reported more than 200 houses were damaged, 50 of them severely. A museum and a power substation were also damaged.

Venezuela – Flooding in Caracas, capital of Venezuela, and surrounding areas damaged homes and roads, prompting evacuations and leaving vehicles stranded. Flooding came after heavy rainfall on 24 June, 2021. Streets in the capital were inundated and trafic disrupted.

USA – Thunderstorms and heavy rainfall over the weekend 25 to 27 June caused flash flooding across parts of Missouri, USA. Roads were swamped and vehicles stranded. Some homes and businesses were damaged, prompting evacuations. One person died and two were rescued after a vehicle went into flood waters in Clinton County.

USA – The governor of Michigan declared a state of emergency in response to “extraordinary flooding” in southeast Michigan. Police said flooded metro Detroit freeways were “littered with abandoned vehicles.” Heavy rain began on 25 June 2021. Officials reported flooded roadways, stranded motorists, damaged homes and displaced residents. The hardest hit were areas of Detroit and surrounding Wayne County. Flooded roadways were also reported in Oakland and Macomb counties. Wind damage caused power outages for around 40,000 homes and businesses in the region.

Global Warming

European Union countries approve landmark climate change law

European Union countries on Monday gave the final seal of approval to a law to make the bloc’s greenhouse gas emissions targets legally binding, as EU policymakers prepare a huge new package of policies to fight climate change which sets targets to reduce net EU emissions by 55% by 2030, from 1990 levels, and eliminate them by 2050.

The climate law also requires Brussels to launch an independent expert body to advise on climate policies, and a budget-like mechanism to calculate the total emissions the EU can produce from 2030-2050, under its climate targets.



The countries with the 10 greatest number of Covid-19 cases:

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Measles – Pakistan

In the past month and a half, the city of Jacobabad, in northern Sindh province, has seen a surge of measles deaths in children. An additional child, a 3-year-old boy, died from measles, bringing the total death toll of children by measles to 50.

Malaria – Angola

Angola has seen at least 5,573 deaths from malaria through the end of May. The minister noted that some 2 million malaria cases have been reported primarily in Luanda, Lunda Norte, Malanje, Huambo, Uige, Benguela, Bie and Huila provinces.

Food Poisoning – Ukraine

On June 21, 2021, a case of botulism – food poisoning was registered in Melitopol- a city in Zaporizhzhia Oblast of southeastern Ukraine, according to the city health department.

In a separate incident, 89 people, including 19 children, have been hospitalized for food poisoning in the Kharkiv region. Two patients, registered on June 22, are residents of Lugansk, who were on a business trip in the city of Kharkov and ate sushi in the Yakitoria restaurant.