Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

7.8 Earthquake hits Alaska.

In Alaska, small tsunami waves measuring under a foot above tide level were observed in Sand Point, Old Harbor, King Cove, Kodiak, Unalaska and Alitak Bay, according to the U.S. National Tsunami Warning Center (NTWC). There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage to property. Several Alaskan coastal communities were
evacuated following the quake.

6.2 earthquake hits Alaska.

6.1 earthquake hits Alaska.

5.6 earthquake hits south of Alaska.

5.5 earthquake hits near the coast of northern Peru.

5.4 earthquake hits Myanmar.

5.4 earthquake hits Alaska.

5.4 earthquake hits the Pacific-Antarctic ridge.

5.3 earthquake hits the central east Pacific rise.

5.1 earthquake hits Vanuatu.

5.0 earthquake hits south of Alaska.

5.0 earthquake hits Alaska.

5.0 earthquake hits Iceland.

5.0 earthquake hits the Kermedec Islands.

5.0 earthquake hits Macquarie Island.

5.0 earthquake hits the Santa Cruz Islands.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

In the Northwest Pacific Ocean: Tropical depression 11w (Nepartak), located approximately 127 nm west-northwest of Misawa, Japan, is tracking west-northwestward at 15 knots.

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Pakistan – Flash floods swept through parts of Islamabad, capital city of Pakistan on 28 July 2021 after what officials described as a “cloudburst” dumped heavy rainfall. Saidpur, a village just to the north of Islamabad recorded 123 mm of rain in a few hours, while Golra Sharif, a town situated near the Margalla Hills in the Islamabad Capital Territory next to the E-11 sector recorded 103 mm. Media showed cars swept along city streets like boats. Police said 2 people from the same family died after floods entered the basement of a house.

Myanmar – Days of heavy rain have caused flooding in Shan, Rakhine, Kayin and Mon states in Myanmar. Mawlamyine in Mon State recorded 553 mm of rain in 48 hours to 27 July. 3,016 people were evacuated/affected and 11,903 persons pre-emptively evacuated into 16 evacuation centres. In Mon State, 19,840 people were evacuated/affected and 10,770 pre-emptively evacuated into 8 evacuation centres.


Wildfires – Lebanon

A “gigantic” fire engulfed forest areas in north Lebanon on Wednesday and is threatening the lives of villagers, the Red Cross said. The bushfire spread across the hills of Qoubaiyat, burning land including olive groves and oak trees in the village of Beino.

Summer bushfires are common in Lebanon, endangering people, communities, and the ecology of one the Arab world’s most verdant countries.


Roundup of Global Volcanic Activity – New Activity for the Week 21 July – 27 July 2021

Suwanosejima – Ryukyu Islands (Japan) : JMA reported that five explosions at Suwanosejima’s Ontake Crater during 12-19 July ejected bombs as far as 400 m from the crater. Crater incandescence was visible on some nights and ashfall was occasionally reported in Toshima village (4 km SSW). An explosion at 2330 on 12 July produced an ash plume that rose 3.6 km. The Alert Level remained at 3 and the public was warned to stay 2 km away from the crater.

Taal – Luzon (Philippines) : PHIVOLCS reported that unrest at Taal continued during 13-20 July. Daily plumes of steam and sulfur dioxide gas rose 0.9-2.1 km from the lake and drifted in multiple directions. Sulfur dioxide emissions averaged 1,142-6,574 tonnes/day. Two tremor events, at 1018 and 1038 on 20 July, were felt at Intensity I by residents of Pira-piraso in the NE sector of Volcano Island. The DROMIC report stated that 3,839 people were in evacuation centers or private residences by 20 July. The Alert Level remained at 3 (on a scale of 0-5) and PHIVOLCS reminded the public that the entire Taal Volcano Island is a Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ) and to not enter the high-risk barangays of Agoncillo and Laurel. Activities on Taal Lake were strictly prohibited.



The countries with the 10 greatest number of Covid-19 cases:

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