Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

5.8 earthquake hits the southern east Pacific rise.

5.6 earthquake hits the Balleny Islands.

5.6 earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands.

5.5 earthquake hits the central mid-atlantic ridge.

5.4 earthquake hits the Balleny Islands.

5.3 earthquake hits Reykjanes ridge.

5.3 earthquake hits the Gilbert Islands, Kiribati region.

5.1 earthquake hits Leyte in the Philippines.

5.1 earthquake hits near the north coast of Papua, Indonesia.

5.1 earthquake hits North Island, New Zealand.

5.0 earthquake hits the west Chile rise.

5.0 earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands.

5.0 earthquake hits near the north coast of Papua, Indonesia.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

There are no current tropical storm systems.

The remnants of Tropical Cyclone Ellie continue to hover over northwestern Australia bringing significant precipitation to the area.

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Indonesia – Flash floods and landslides in East Nusa Tenggara Province of Indonesia have caused damage and at least one fatality. Heavy rain triggered floods and landslides in Kupang Regency, on 25 December 2022. Recent damage assessments report one person died, while around 44 homes were severely damaged or destroyed and a further 598 flooded. As of 01 January, a total of 2694 people had been displaced from their homes. Roads and 5 bridges were also damaged.

Congo-Brazzaville – The Red Cross in the Republic of the Congo (also known as Congo-Brazzaville) reported severe flooding in northern parts of the country, where thousands of people have been displaced. Some flooding was reported in parts of the Cuvette Department in late November 2022. Around 500 people were affected in the town of Oyo on the Alima River. Flooding worsened after several rivers in the region rose sharply in early December 2022. According to damage assessments carried out in mid-December, as many as 164,679 people have been affected across 23 districts in the departments of Cuvette, Likouala, Plateaux, and Sangha.

USA – An atmospheric river brought heavy rain and snow to parts of California on 31 December 2022. At least 2 people have died, dozens rescued and hundreds evacuated. More severe weather is forecast for the coming days. The storm left thousands without power. Roads were flooded in parts of the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento County. Dozens of people trapped in vehicles were rescued by emergency services, including some by helicopter. Several victims were found clinging to trees for safety. Levees broke along the Cosumnes River, causing flooding in Sacramento County. Evacuation orders or warnings were issued for residents in Wilton, Glanville Tract and Franklin Pond. A long stretch of State Route 99 near Elk Grove was underwater. One person died in a flooded vehicle in the area. A second fatality was reported when the storm downed trees in Santa Cruz. Another powerful system is expected to bring further heavy rain from 04 January 2023.

Malawi – Disaster authorities in Malawi report that over 40 people have died as a result of severe weather in the country since the start of the rainy season in November 2022. Severe weather has affected parts of the country since around 18 November 2022 when storms, heavy rain and hail caused damage to homes in several districts including Lilongwe. Two fatalities were reported in Mchinji. As of 25 November, The country’s Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) reported 13 people had died as a result of recent severe weather, including 8 from lightning strikes and 5 who died when buildings collapsed due to heavy rain, floods or storms.

Global Warming

Startup Company Injects Sulphur Particles into Atmosphere without Oversight

A startup says it has begun releasing sulfur particles into Earth’s atmosphere, in a controversial attempt to combat climate change by deflecting sunlight. Make Sunsets, a company that sells carbon offset “cooling credits” for $10 each, is banking on solar geoengineering to cool down the planet and fill its coffers. The startup claims it has already released two test balloons, each filled with about 10 grams of sulfur particles and intended for the stratosphere, according to the company’s website and first reported on by MIT Technology Review.

The concept of solar geoengineering is an idea inspired by the atmospheric side effects of major volcanic eruptions, which have led to drastic, temporary climate shifts multiple times throughout history, including the notorious “year without a summer” of 1816.

Though we know that sulfur particles can reflect sunlight away from Earth and cool the planet, the unintended consequences of such an action are less understood and potentially catastrophic. Some studies suggest that sulfur injection over the northern hemisphere would lead to massive droughts in the Sahel, Amazon rainforest, and elsewhere. Conversely, adding sulfur over the southern hemisphere could dramatically increase the number of Atlantic hurricanes in the northern hemisphere.

It would appear that the calculated greed of an unscrupulous and unprincipled person could potentially destroy life on earth as we know it. It is hoped that Federal environmental oversight authorities in the USA take swift steps to nip Make Sunsets in the bud.


January Heat Wave in Europe

Various parts of Europe experienced an unusual winter heat wave over the New Year’s weekend. Experts noted that the temperatures in these regions reached up to 20 degrees Celsius higher than normal.

A Washington Post report noted that temperatures in several countries reached their hottest levels ever recorded in January. Some of these included Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and the Czech Republic.

According to experts, the temperatures in these regions were higher than normal for this time of year and similar to summer and springtime levels. For instance, in Poland’s Korbielw village, the temperature reached 19 degrees Celsius, which is considered to be a temperature that’s commonly experienced in May.


Typhoid – Philippines

The Philippines Department of Health has reported more than 15,000 typhoid cases this year, a large increase compared to 2021. According to official data, 15,092 typhoid fever cases were reported from January 1 through December 10. This is a 162 percent increase compared to the total for the same period the year before (5,758).

Ebola – Uganda

The Uganda Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO) report it has been 37 days since the last confirmed Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) case as of January 3, 2023.