Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

7.0 earthquake hits the Molucca Sea.

6.3 earthquake hits Sulawesi, Indonesia.

5.6 earthquake hits northwestern Iran.

5.5 earthquake hits the Molucca Sea.

5.1 earthquake hits Tonga.

5.1 earthquake hits the Azores.

5.1 earthquake hits eastern New Guinea, Papua New Guinea.

5.0 earthquake hits the central Mediterranean Sea.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

In the Southern Hemisphere: Tropical cyclone 08s (eight), located approximately 497 nm northeast of Antananarivo, Madagascar, is tracking westward at 19 knots.

Screen Shot 2023 01 18 at 1 22 13 PM

Tropical cyclone 09p (Irene), located approximately 286 nm west of Port Vila, Vanuatu, is tracking eastward at 11 knots.

Screen Shot 2023 01 18 at 1 22 22 PM


Antarctic seabed reveals a thriving ecosystem threatened by ice melt

In February 2022, Greenpeace conducted the most southerly research submarine dive ever, in the Antarctic. There, they explored the Antarctic seabed, never before seen by humans.

The team witnessed an incredible abundance of life, including corals and other vulnerable species” on the ocean floor. The slopes, canyons and walls of the ocean floor were covered with brightly-coloured corals, sponges, feather stars and countless other marine animals.

However, the team were only able to witness these never-before-seen ecosystems due to the dramatic ice melt in the Weddell Sea. It would usually be completely covered by ice, and therefore protected and inaccessible. In many of these now-uncovered areas, the depths of the ocean have never seen sunlight before.

Currently just 5 per cent of Antarctic waters are protected. Due to the team’s discoveries, seven of the sites have been designated as vulnerable marine ecosystems, protecting them from fishing.