Hepatitis A – Kentucky and West Virginia, USA

The Kentucky Department for Public Health (DPH) has now reported 1,094 cases of hepatitis A in the current outbreak. Of this total, 57 percent, or 628 people required hospitalization and eight died. The outbreak, declared last November, is easily the largest in the country and primarily affects the homeless and drug users.

In neighboring West Virginia, the case count continues to climb since March 2018. As of Friday, West Virginia health officials have reported 540 hepatitis A cases, including 351 hospitalizations (65%) and two deaths.

Plague Death in Peru

Officials with the Gerencia Regional de Salud Lambayeque have reported on a human plague death, the first such death in two decades in the region. A 42-year-old man died on July 6 from septicemic plague; which later became complicated with a pneumonic plague, health officials note. The bacterium was acquired via a flea bite.

Cholera – Cameroon

Six people have died in Cameroon from a cholera outbreak that has infected 43 people in the northern region since May, the health ministry said.

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