The countries with the 10 greatest number of Covid-19 cases:

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Based on UN/AIDS figures, 14,000 people died of HIV/AIDS in 2021, in the DRC. Access and availability of treatment remains problematic due to lack of funding. More than 500,000 people are currently living with HIV/AIDS in the DRC.

Measles – South Africa

The South Africa National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) reports 57 measles outbreak cases were reported in Limpopo province and Mpumalanga province from September 1 to November 16, 2022.

Cholera – Haiti

Since the notification of the first two confirmed cases of Vibrio cholerae O1 in the greater Port-au-Prince area on 2 October 2022, to 16 November 2022, the Haitian Ministère de la Santé Publique et de la Population (MSPP) reported a total of 9,660 suspected cases across the country, including 816 confirmed cases.

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