Anthrax – Russia

Two people were hospitalized with anthrax in Chuvashia, Tsivilsky municipal district, according to local Health Authorities. The therapeutic prognosis is favorable.

Chikungunya – Paraguay

The General Directorate of Health Surveillancereportedthat in the last three weeks (Epi Weeks 8, 9 and 10), there are a total of 11,649 cases of chikungunya. The epidemiological curve is currently at a plateau, an apparent decrease in cases is observed, however, the epidemic has spread throughout the country.

Polio – Burundi

The Ministère de la Santé Publique declared an outbreak of circulating poliovirus type 2 (CVDPV 2) today after confirming eight polioviruses, the first such detection in more than three decades.

Unknown Disease – Tanzania

The Tanzania Ministry of Health reports receiving information about the presence of a disease that is not yet known in Kagera province in Bukoba district villages, Maruku and Kanyangereko districts, Bulinda and Butayaibega villages. A total of 7 people have flu, vomiting, bleeding in various areas of the body and kidney failure. 5 People have died.

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