Human-made materials now outweigh Earth’s entire biomass

A research study has revealed that human-made materials outweighed the overall living biomass on Earth today.

The study, carried out by researchers to provide an objective measure of the reality of the balance between man and nature, estimated that the amount of plastic alone is greater in mass than all land animals and marine creatures combined.

Human activity including the production of concrete, metal, plastic, bricks and asphalt outweighs the overall living biomass on Earth, the study concluded.

A paper published in Nature stated that on average, each week, every person is responsible for the creation of human-made matter equal to more than their own bodyweight.

More Locusts

East African officials say weather conditions are now favorable for another wave of ravenous locusts to swarm across the region from the Red Sea to Kenya. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization also predicts fresh immature swarms will soon migrate southward to Ethiopia and Somalia before eventually invading northeastern Kenya.

These same areas were hit earlier this year by massive swarms that also originated around the Red Sea. Successive generations are still devouring grasslands, threatening food shortages and laying eggs.

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