Global Warming

Ocean Warming

Thanks to the relentless pace at which humans are adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, ocean temperatures in 2021 were “the hottest ever recorded by humans,” according to a report published Tuesday in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences.

Since 1958, the researchers found, the world’s oceans have warmed at a steady pace. But that rate sharply accelerated in the late 1980s, warming eight times as fast as in the decades prior.

The seas that are warming fastest, the report says, are the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. While factors such as El Niño and La Niña weather patterns continue to help determine short-term water temperature conditions, greenhouse gas emissions that trap solar radiation and warm the planet’s atmosphere are the biggest factor for increasing ocean warmth, according to the report.

The consequences of rising ocean temperatures range from stronger tropical storms to the accelerated melting of the Earth’s polar ice, which, in combination with the fact that the volume of the oceans expands when warmed, translates into more sea level rise. Warmer oceans result in a greater amount of evaporation, which adds more moisture to the atmosphere and leads to more powerful rain events like those witnessed across the globe in 2021, as well as conditions that give rise to tornadoes.

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  1. As a person who lives for comments on global warming, thank you for your blog. A perspective the disbelievers have is that water vapor is an entity that varies all by itself. Water vapor actually increases and decreases in the atmosphere with temperature which is controlled by co2. More WV in the atmosphere adds energy to our weather coming in as latent energy. As the water vapor condenses to water, it releases its heat into the individual storm that it gained in the warming oceans.

    Of all things, this is a difficult subject for the disbelievers.

    Thank you for your blog.

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