Global Warming

Renewable Energy – Europe

More than a fifth of energy used in the European Union in 2021 came from renewables, new data shows. Solar, wind and other ‘green’ sources contributed 21.8 per cent to the EU’s total energy consumption, according to Eurostat.

Sweden once again topped the list as the EU country with the highest share of renewable energy in 2021, getting 63% of its energy from renewables. Finland was second with 43%, and then Estonia, Austria and Denmark with 38%, 36% and 34% respectively.

But when it comes to European countries more broadly, two non-EU countries are still well ahead. Iceland gets the greatest share of its energy from renewable sources in Europe, thanks to its great geothermal resources. Around 86 per cent of its clean energy came from this source. Norway came in second place with a stellar 76 per cent from renewables.

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