Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

There are no current tropical storms.


Afghanistan – Dozens of people are feared dead after flash floods in Nuristan Province in eastern Afghanistan. Flooding struck in Kamdesh district (also Kamdeish or Kamdish) in Nuristan Province late on 28 July 2021. As of 29 July, media reported at least 60 fatalities. Roads and telecommunications systems have been damaged.

Mexico – Storms and rain affecting parts of South West USA has also caused severe flooding in border areas of Mexico over the last few days. Authorities in Sonora State reported flooding in the border city of Heroica Nogales (more commonly known as Nogales) from 22 July when police were called on to rescue people from vehicles trapped in floods. Further storms and rain caused severe flooding on 27 July. Raging flood waters raced through streets, carrying along vehicles and damaging buildings.

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