Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

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In the Northwest Pacific Ocean – Tropical depression 23w (Namtheun), located approximately 123 nm southwest of Minami Tori Shima, Japan, is tracking north-northeastward at 10 knots.

Tropical storm 24w (Kompasu), located approximate2ly 291 nm east-southeast of Hanoi, Vietnam, is tracking westward at 19 knots.

In the Eastern Pacific Ocean – Hurricane 16e (Pamela), located approximately 784 nm southeast of San Diego, is tracking northeastward at 09 knots,

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Philippines – At least 13 people have lost their lives and 9 are missing after Topical Storm Kompasu passed over northern Philippines bringing heavy rain and strong winds. Six people lost their lives in landslides in Benguet province and 5 people died in flash floods in Palawan Province. Fifty-five houses have been destroyed and 54 severely damaged. Roads in 108 locations and 21 bridges were also damaged. At one point power was cut in 58 cities or municipalities. 6 500 people have been evacuated.

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