Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

There are currently no tropical storms.


Australia – At least one person has died and emergency services have rescued serval others from flood waters across the state of Queensland, Australia, after days of heavy rainfall from 09 April. Many areas received over 100 mm in 24 hours 10 to 11 May. The state’s highest was 244 mm at Mourilyan on the Cassowary Coast.

Colombia – Flooding has affected over 5,000 residents and damaged around 1,000 homes in Apartadó in Antioquia Department, Colombia, local authorities report. Apartadó saw some heavy rainfall on 02 May, causing flooding in the municipality which affected around 500 people. Around 163 mm of rain fell in 24 hours to 02 May 2022. Further heavy rainfall caused the overflow of the Apartadó River on 10 May. According to national Civil Defence reports, 5,100 people have been affected, with around 1,000 homes suffering damage and 2 homes completely destroyed. Further south, heavy rain on 07 May caused some urban flooding in Medellín which disrupted traffic and public transport in the city. Around the same time a landslide struck in Itagüí to the south of the city, leaving 2 homes damaged and affecting 50 people.

DR Congo – More people have died as a result of heavy rain, landslides and flooding in eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo). Heavy rain from 26 to 27 April caused landslides and flooding in Kalehe territory in South Kivu, where at least 4 fatalities were reported. 7,500 people were displaced in Bushushu village, Kalehe territory (South Kivu) following heavy rains on 27 April and overflow of the Cishova River. Landslide resulted in the deaths of at least four people and several others injured. At least 400 houses were damaged by flooding and more than 200 others completely destroyed. Public buildings such as schools were also destroyed.

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