Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

There are currently no active tropical storm systems.


Brazil – Thousands of people have evacuated their homes after flooding and landslides in several northern states of Brazil. At least 6 people have lost their lives in the state of Maranhão and 3 in in the state of Ceará. Authorities in the state of Maranhão report that multiple municipalities in the state have declared a state of emergency in response to the recent heavy rainfall. Around 800 households have been displaced. The municipalities of Marabá and Itupiranga in Pará State, Brazil, declared an emergency on 21 March 2023 due to rising levels in the Tocantins and Itacaiúnas rivers. Local authorities in Marabá said more than 400 households were displaced. The two rivers have been rising for some time in the state but reached danger levels over the last few days.

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