Drought in Sri Lanka

The World Food Programme (WFP) on Wednesday has reported that a severe drought in Sri Lanka has affected 1.5 million people with 768,000 of them in urgent need of basic food and livelihood requirements.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms

In the Eastern Pacific Ocean:

Tropical Storm Cristina is located about about 130 mi (210 km) NNW of Socorro island about 280 mi (450 km) SSW of the southern tip of Baja California. Cristina has maximum sustained winds of 40 mph (65 km/h) and its present movement is W or 270 degrees at 6 mph (9 km/h).

Cristina is dissipating and is expected to be downgraded to a remnant on Sunday.

In the Western Pacific:

Tropical Storm Hagibis forms approximately 153 nm east-southeast of Hong Kong, and is tracking northward at 07 knots.


Sri Lanka – Thousands of people have been affected in hill country by flood and landslides. Several areas in the upcountry have been hit by floods, a rare occurrence according to the Meteorological Department. More than 2,000 people have been affected.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms

No current tropical storms.

Tropical Storm Boris has caused floods in Latin America affecting 100,000 people, and leaving at Least 5 Dead. Residents in Latin America, especially Chile, Mexico and Guatemala, have been advised to brace for more rains even as weather bureau said tropical storm Boris has weakened. The Weather Network forecast the storm will still continue to dump as much as 500 mm of rain through Saturday on the affected areas. The system could dump as much as 20 inches (51 centimetres) of rain in the region for a day alone. “These rains are likely to result in life-threatening flash floods and mudslides.”

The national disaster relief agency in Guatemala reported at least 100,000 people have been affected by the bad weather as rains, floods and mudslides damaged homes and roads. Tropical Storm Boris has killed five people near the Mexican border on Saturday due to a landslide.

In southern Chile, according to World Bulletin, the floods have left some communities without potable drinking water and electricity. The southern regions of Los Rios, Biobio, Araucania, Los Lagos and Aysen have been reported to be cut off from the mainland due to damaged roads. Several people stranded were placed at 4,000 people while people possibly without electricity were estimated to be over 50,000.

A low pressure area currently over the southern Bay of Campeche has a 30 percent chance of becoming a tropical cyclone during the next 48 hours, the U.S. National Hurricane Centre said on Thursday. “Despite strong upper-level winds, some further development of this system is possible over the next day or two if the low remains offshore of eastern Mexico.” This disturbance has potential to produce more extremely heavy rains and life-threatening flash floods and mud slides over parts of southeastern Mexico during the next few days.


Sri Lanka – Floods in Sri Lanka have claimed the lives of at least 23 people and displaced more than 100,000 people. Most of the fatalities and flood damage have been reported from the Kalutara District where disaster relief efforts are ongoing. 235 houses have been destroyed while 1 566 homes have been partially damaged.

Paraguay – Paraguay floods continue as torrential rains force the evacuation of more than 75,000 people across Paraguay.

South Dakota, USA – The National Weather Service in Sioux Falls has confirmed a tornado has touched down outside the city.

West Virginia, USA – A National Weather Service survey team from Charleston has confirmed that a tornado has touched down near Ona in Cabell County.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms

In the Eastern Pacific:

Low pressure system Invest 93E stroll hovering off the coast of Baja California.


Guatemala – Landslide caused by heavy rains has claimed lives of at least five people and injured three others. Homes were destroyedin San Pedro Necta, Huehuetenango.

Sri Lanka – Torrential rains continued to lash most parts of Sri Lanka Monday causing floods and submerging roads in low-lying areas. Low-lying areas in the Agalawatta, Welipanna, Matugama, Paalinda Nuwara and Omatta Divisions of Kalutara district are affected by floods. Local media reports said 9 people have been killed and another two are missing due to earth slips in the areas of Matugama, Kithulgoda and Thalangama.

Iowa, USA – At least one tornado has been reported in north-central Iowa as storms moved across the mostly rural part of the state, Sunday.



Drought begins to bite in Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka has had six months of drought and could face severe crop losses and electricity shortages.

Drought in Thailand – Thailand is facing its worst drought in eight years as the dry spell continues in the country’s upper regions.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storm Yagi was located about 393 nm southeast of Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan.

Extreme Weather in South Africa

14,337 homes were affected by Cape weather over the weekend. South Africa experienced freezing temperatures, with winter floods reported in Knysna and snow in higher altitudes. 52,529 residents, mostly in informal settlements, were affected by the flooding and inclement conditions. The city experienced extreme weather conditions including strong winds, heavy rain, flooding and extremely cold conditions. A total of 42,402 blankets, 45,090 hot meals, 22,488 brunches, 27 food parcels, 767 flood kits and 332 baby packs were distributed to those affected.

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Extreme Weather in China

Torrential rain, hail and floods have affected about 98,717 residents in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region since Tuesday, local authorities reported on Sunday. Strong rainfall began on Tuesday and has continued into Sunday morning,affecting Xinjiang’s northern and western areas of Altay, Aksu and Tacheng.

The rainstorms have damaged over 12,300 hectares of crops and killed 2,340 head of livestock, while 303 houses have been toppled or damaged, forcing the evacuation of 939 people. The rainstorm has also triggered torrential floods, destroying parts of channels, sluices and infrastructure as well as electric wells, bridges and roads.

Monsoon Storms in Sri Lanka

Monsoon storms in Sri Lanka have claimed the lives of at least 18 people, with another 36 missing.

Most of the fatalities occurred after boats carrying fisherman were caught in rough waters. Special operations by the Navy and Air Force have rescued 20 fisherman but 36 are still missing at sea.

Flash floods in Mindanao, Philippines

Flash floods and landslides in Mindanao, Philippines have claimed the lives of at least four people and left another two missing. According to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, flash floods and landslides have affected over 700 families.

Central European Floods

Thousands of emergency workers, troops and volunteers in Germany are battling Europe’s worst floods in a decade, while the swelling Danube has Budapest on high alert.

Rising waters in Germany have forced mass evacuations in what’s being called a “national catastrophe”.

009318 germany struggles to hold back floods

As Hungary braces for a deluge in its capital on Sunday, bolstering sandbag barriers with the Danube expected to reach historic levels, German rescuers are focussing on the eastern city of Magdeburg.

Vast areas around the city are covered in a sea of brown water, sparked by recent torrential rains which have washed down the Elbe river system from the Czech Republic.

The water level in Magdeburg reached 7.45 metres in the morning, up from the usual level of around two metres and worse than massive floods that struck the region in 2002.

Despite frantic efforts to secure it, a dam broke on Sunday south of the city where the Elbe meets the Saale tributary, the local crisis command said, urging 150 remaining local residents to seek high ground.

Almost 3000 people were evacuated from Magdeburg’s Rothensee district, where hundreds of army troops are struggling to reinforce a dyke protecting a crucial electricity facility.

President Joachim Gauck on Sunday toured the flood-hit states of Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, where in many places only roofs and tree tops stick out of the water.

So far the floods on the Elbe and Danube river systems have killed at least 18 people, including 10 in the Czech Republic.

Ironically, the sun was shining above Germany’s flood zone, forcing the thousands packing sandbags to ask for sun block and insect repellent.

More townships were evacuated around the Elbe town of Barby. Some of the 8000 residents of nearby Aken were taken to safety on military personnel carriers and ambulances.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government is planning a crisis meeting with state premiers to assess how the cost of the disaster will be shared, the Leipziger Volkszeitung daily reported.

“We’re dealing with a national catastrophe,” Gerda Hasselfeldt, MP for the conservative Christian Social Union, who chairs a group of states in the Bundestag, told the newspaper.

The situation in the Czech Republic is returning to normal, after the crest of the flood passed through.

“The danger lasts even in places hit by the flood” as the soil is still soaked, Prime Minister Petr Necas said on Saturday.

The rains have also severely swollen the Danube, hitting especially Germany’s Bavarian city of Passau, where the mighty waterway meets two other rivers.

The high river has sparked emergency responses as it runs through Austria and Slovakia into Hungary on its way to the Black Sea, but so far the region has dodged major disaster.

Hungary’s defences held firm on Sunday morning as the flood peak moved through the northwest toward Budapest.

No casualties have been reported in Hungary although about 1000 people have been evacuated. So far, around six million sandbags have been used.

The river was forecast to peak at 8.95 metres in Budapest late on Sunday.

Storms and Floods

Tropical cyclone Mahasen

As of 12:00 UTC, TC Mahasen was located 484 nm south-southwestward of kolkata, India.

Flooding caused by the cyclone Mahasen in Sri Lanka has claimed the lives of at least seven people.

A boat carrying about 200 Rohingya Muslims has capsized off western Myanmar. The victims in the boat were escaping Cyclone Mahasen but struck rocks off the Pauktaw township in Rakhine State and sank. There was only one survivor.

Hailstorms in Kakheti, Georgia, Russia

Hail has destroyed agricultural lands in Kakheti region of Georgia, Russia. Severe hailstorm damages are reported in Bakurtsikhe, Vejini, Kardenakhi and Kolagi.

Flooding has also been reported in Dzirkoki.

Severe weather in Cornwall, England

Heavy rain and gale-force winds have hit Devon and Cornwall in England. The Environment Agency has put 12 rivers across Cornwall and Devon on flood alert. The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for rain and severe gales.

Flooding in Attawapiskat, Canada

More than 400 people have been evacuated after flooding in Attawapiskat, Ontario, Canada.

Other News:

Heavy storm has caused flooding in the Fuvahmulah Islands of the Maldives.

Storms and Floods

Sri Lanka Floods

Heavy torrential rains over the past few days have left 90,000 people affected by floods in Sri Lanka’s Western province around the capital Colombo, but there was no cyclone threat, authorities said.


Cyclone injures 100 people in B’baria. A devastating cyclone damaged more than hundreds of houses and injured more than 100 people in the district Wednesday while lightning strikes claimed the lives of at least four people.

Other News:

Heavy sandstorm in Al Qasseem, Saudi Arabia has turned day into night. The sandstorm reduced visibility and brought traffic to a standstill.

A state of disaster is declared due to flooding in 19 counties in Michigan, USA.

Cyclonic storms with lightning and rains have claimed the lives of at least seven people in Tripura, India. At least 20 people were injured by lightning strikes.

At least three people died when a house collapsed due to heavy rain in Hunan Province, China.

Storms and Floods

Flash floods in Gampaha, Sri Lanka

Flash floods in Wattala and Gampaha, Sri Lanka have affected about 480 people with 81 families living in four evacuation centers.

Flooding in New Zealand

Flooding and landslips reported at State Highway 1 between Blenheim and Seddon. Weld and Dashwood Passes are worst affected by the floods.

MetService New Zealand has recorded more than 500 lightning strikes in Central New Zealand last night including about 100 in Wellington alone.


Heavy rainfall has also caused flash flooding in Wellington, Christchurch and Marlborough. Air New Zealand has suspended all flights out of Wellington Airport.

Other News:

Heavy rainfall has caused flooding in Asheville, North Carolina, USA downing trees and power lines.

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Death toll rises to 25 in Saudi Arabia’s floods.

Storms and Floods

Flooding in Ampara, Sri Lanka

Heavy rainfall caused flooding throughout the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka.

Thousands of acres of paddy are also affected due to rains in the Ampara district.

Cyclone also damaged thirty one houses in the Polonnaruwa District. Around 15 houses in Medirigiriya, Nagahapura,Senarathpura MInippuragama. and another 15 houses in Lankapura, Kaduriwela East, Batathuna village and one house in Palugasdamana were damaged.

Residents of Peragirigama, Kataragama in Lanka experienced yellow rain!

Tropical Cyclone Dumile has moved away from La Reunion Island and Mauritius.

Tropical Storm Sonamu

As of 12:00 TS Sonamu was located 350 nm east-southeast of Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

Tropical storm Sonamu is forecast to strike Malaysia on 8 January.

Snowstorm in Akita, Japan

Eight climbers rescued and two are still missing in snowstorm on Mount Chokai on the border of Akita and Yamagata prefectures.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Cyclone Mitchell

-TC Mitchell was located 330 nm northwest of Learmonth, Australia.

-Heavy rainfall and coastal flooding is expected in the Pilbara region.

Tropical Cyclone Freda

-TC Freda was located 690 nm northwest of Noumea, New Caledonia.

-Cyclone Freda caused flooding in Solomon Islands. Makira is reported to be hardest hit with rising rivers flooding some areas.

Tropical storm Wukong in Philippines

-The death toll from Tropical Storm Wukong (local name Quinta) in the central Philippines has risen to 11. Three people are still missing.

-Flood displaced more than 28,000 people.

-A state of disaster has been declared in nine towns in Iloilo and Aklan provinces.

Landslide in Marakwet, Kenya

-At least 10 people among them three children are reported to be killed in landslides in Elgeyo Marakwet County of Kenya.

-Heavy rainfall caused mudslides in the area. Rescue efforts are still continuing despite ongoing rain in the affected areas.

Sri Lanka Floods

-Nearly 400,000 Sri lankans are still affected by floods, 40 are confirmed dead and 7 are still missing in Southern, Central, North Central, Uva, Sabaragamuwa, Eastern, Northern and North Western Provinces.

Storms and Floods

Snowstorms in Russia

-Snowstorms in Russia have killed 21 people. Other 147 others were hospitalized with frostbite.

-Daytime temperatures vary from -17 to -20 in Moscow and minus 50 in Siberia.

– Ice from the local river has plugged water pipes. People in town of Balashov, Saratov region were left without water.

Ukraine and Russia Snow 2012


Flooding in Cork and Waterford, Ireland

-Heavy rainfall caused flooding in Cork and Waterford region of Ireland.

-Rain water also caused flooding on the Killarney Road at the Racecourse in Mallow.

-Ballea Road from Carrigaline to Ballygarvan is impassable. Flood affected Waterford in Dungarvan at Garrenbane School.

Flooding in Scotland, United Kingdom

-The Met Office has issued 24-hour severe weather alert for flooding in the east from midnight. Rainfall up to 50mm is forecast.

Snowstorms in Colorado, USA

-Heavy snowstorm caused delay of flights at Denver International Airport.

-The National Weather Service has forecast 3-8 inches of snow in southern Utah and northern Arizona from Tuesday to Wednesday, and 6-8 inches of snow in some parts of Colorado.

-The Utah Avalanche Center has also issued a warning for dangerous backcountry snowslides in northern Utah’s mountains.

Death toll from Sri Lanka flood has risen to 16. Other 14 are still reported to be missing. Following Disaster Management Centre, some 175,558 individuals are reported to be affected by the floods.

The remains of tropical cyclone Evan are forecast to bring heavy rain over Manawatu on New Zealand’s North Island on Christmas Day. Tropical Cyclone Evan is increasingly likely to pass close to northern New Zealand. Evan wreaked havoc in Samoa and Fiji, and forecasts are predicting heavy rain for the north of the North Island on Sunday.

Storms and Floods

Tropical cyclone Evan

-A State of natural disaster has been declared in the Northern and Western divisions of Fiji.

-Heavy storm and floods hit western parts of Viti Levu.

Flooding and landslide in Sri Lanka

-Flash floods and landslides have killed at least nine people and left thousands homeless in Sri Lanka.

-Three people died when a tree collapsed on a van and other six were buried in landslides. Eight people had died in Matale and one is Kandy in central Sri Lanka.

-Around 4,000 displaced people are living in 17 relief camps.

-Landslides also blocked roads from Laggala to Wilgamuwa, Raththota to Illukumbura and Matale to Galewela.

-Sluice gates of Kalawewa and Rajangana tanks (reservoirs) have been opened.

-A landslide danger zone has been declared in several districts of the central hill province.

Srilanka flood 2010 natural disaster


Flooding in Merto Vancouver Coastal region, Canada

-High winds and high tide flooded the seawalls in West Vancouver and Stanley Park.

Tornado in Laurel Bay, South Carolina, USA

-Tornado destroyed homes in the Laurel Bay military housing community in northern Beaufort.

Two weeks after Typhoon Bopha hit the southern Philippines, killing more than 1,000 people, almost a million survivors are living outside evacuation centres and need urgent assistance, especially shelter, according to aid agencies. The most intense storm to hit the disaster-prone Philippines this year struck Mindanao island, flooding farming and mining towns and burying many people in mudslides. On the eastern coast of Mindanao, where the typhoon hit first and the hardest, even many evacuation centres were not spared and collapsed during the storm. According to the United Nations’ latest report on the disaster, about 26,000 people are in 63 evacuation centres while 960,000 others are living in the ruins of their homes, open areas or with host communities.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Cyclone Evan has left a swathe of destruction across Fiji, destroying homes, flooding rivers and stranding thousands of tourists. The storm hammered the Pacific nation for more than 12 hours. Despite the damage, officials reported no fatalities as the storm headed out to sea on Tuesday morning

Evan - Fiji


Flash floods and landslides have killed at least nine people and left thousands homeless in Sri Lanka.

Hailstorm in Uganda

-Hailstorm killed seven and destroyed landing sites on Lake Albert in Uganda.

-One hour long storm destroyed over 30 houses at Nsonga landing site.

-The storm also badly hit Kyabasambu, Nsunzu and Senjojo landing sites.

-The storm destroyed several churches and clinics. Following local fishermen, the heavy downpour also destroyed 26 boats.

Cold has killed 37 people in Ukraine so far this month as temperatures reached minus 23 Celsius in parts of the former Soviet Republic. Night temperatures are expected to drop to -28 C in northern, central and eastern Ukraine this week. The cold snap followed heavy snowfall which left some areas covered with as much as 53 cm (21 inches) of snow.

Storms and Floods

Flooding across England and Wales

-One killed and two others injured in recent disasters in Exeter City Centre. Flooding in Somerset, England also killed one person two days ago.

-More than 800 homes flooded by storms in England and Wales.

-Several flood warnings were issued by the Environment Agency in Lostwithiel, Helston, Polperro and Perranporth area.

-Because of a landslip at Honiton and flooding near Axminster in Devon, today trains between Exeter St Davids and Yeovil Junction were cancelled.

-Following Malmesbury Mayor Ray Sanderson, the flooding in Malmesbury is the worst that he has seen in a lifetime in the town.

-Around 271 flood alerts and more than 220 flood warnings remained in place across England and Wales.

-Heavy rainfall is expected to continue in the north of England and Scotland.

-The landslide reported off Church Lane in Old Sodbury, near Bristol. Six homes were evacuated.

-The Met Office today issued a yellow weather warning for Greater Manchester.

Flooding in Ratnapura and Kamburupitiya, Sri Lanka

-The number of people killed in flooding in Ratnapura and Kamburupitiya area of Sri Lanka has risen to 5.

-Flood affected Sri Lankan districts: Anuradapura, Badulla, Moneragala, Ratnapura Hambantota and Galle and Matara.

-The Hambantota district was reported to be worst affected area. More than 300 families are affected by recent floods. More than 25 houses were damaged in Suriyawewa in the Hambantota district.

-Flood displaced more than 190 families in Moneragala.