Roundup of Global Volcanic Activity – New Activity for the Week 4 November 2020 – 10 November 2020

Barren Island | Andaman Islands (India) : The Darwin VAAC reported that an eruption at Barren Island on 5 November produced ash plumes that rose 1.5 km (5,000 ft) a.s.l. and drifted SW and WSW.

Karymsky | Eastern Kamchatka (Russia) : KVERT reported that during 30 October and 1-2 November explosions at Karymsky produced ash plumes that rose to 6.5 km (21,300 ft) a.s.l. and drifted 60 km SW and NE. A thermal anomaly was identified in satellite images on those same days and additionally on 4 November. The Aviation colour Code remained at Orange (the second highest level on a four-colour scale).

Klyuchevskoy | Central Kamchatka (Russia) : KVERT reported that Strombolian activity at Klyuchevskoy continued during 30 October-6 November and lava advanced down the Apakhonchich drainage on the SE flank. Gas-and-steam emissions contained some ash. A large bright thermal anomaly was identified daily in satellite images. The Aviation colour Code was raised to Orange (the second highest level on a four-colour scale) on 8 October.

Merapi | Central Java (Indonesia) : PVMBG and BPPTKG raised the Alert Level for Merapi to 3 (on a scale of 1-4) on 5 November because of increasing evidence of a potential eruption. The report noted that the number of earthquakes began increasing after the 21 June explosive eruption; seismicity intensified in October and continued an upward trend. Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) data indicated a distance shortening of 4 cm between points in the NW just after the 21 June event, and then continued showing deformation at a rate of 3 mm per day through September. The rate increased to 9 cm per day in late October and reached 11 cm per day on 4 November. The seismicity and deformation rates were higher than the rates leading up to the extrusion of lava domes on 26 April 2006, but remained lower than the 2010 eruption precursory conditions. No morphological changes were visible; the lava-dome volume was an estimated 200,000 cubic meters on 3 November based on analyses of drone images. BPPTKG alerted 12 villages in hazardous areas spread across Yogyakarta and Central Java Province, and recommended that mining in local drainages and tourism around Merapi should cease. BNPB reported that after the Alert Level was raised 607 vulnerable people (children for example) were evacuated from Krinjing, Paten, and Ngargomulyo villages in Dukun District, Magelang Regency, and emergency supplies were sent to multiple susceptible communities.

Saunders | South Sandwich Islands (UK) : Gas emissions from Michael volcano on Saunders Island were possibly visible in satellite images drifting NE on 24 October. A clear view of the crater on 6 November revealed a thermal anomaly on the crater floor. Weather clouds often obscure views of Michael.

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