Roundup of Global Volcanic Activity:

El Hierro (Canary Islands, Spain): The earthquake swarm continues with little changes. Most epicenters have remained in an area at about 15-17 km depth a few km NW off the western tip of the island. Volcanic tremor, suggesting magma movements, is continuous with strong pulses every few hours. Earthquake count today (only magnitudes >2): 111 A strong pulse of volcanic tremor has started, accompanied by a 3.2 magnitude quake at 15 km depth at 09:40 GMT. It seems that magma is continuing to move, and the scenario of a possible new eruption is becoming more and more likely.

Lokon-Empung (North Sulawesi, Indonesia): A series of 3 moderately large explosions occurred this morning between 05:12 and 07:30 local time, and was followed by small ash emissions during the whole morning. The largest eruption produced an ash column rising about 2 km above the crater.

Bagana (Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea): (23 Mar) A strong SO2 plume today suggests increased activity at the volcano.

Ulawun (New Britain, Papua New Guinea): (23 Mar) Increased SO2 emissions from Ulawun and Bagana volcanoes are visible today on satellite data.

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