Roundup of Global Volcanic Activity

Santiaguito (Guatemala): Another partial collapse of the Caliente lava dome, likely accompanied with explosive activity, occurred yesterday morning at around 8am local time. Pyroclastic flows traveled several kilometers to the S and SE and an ash column rose to 4.5 km altitude, and drifted 25 km SW.

Moderate to strong ash fall affected areas to the W and SW including Loma Linda (6 km distance), San Marcos Palajunoj (16 km), Retalhuleu (25 km). The eruption has not caused other significant damage reported.

To what extent the ash plume was originating from the collapse that produced the pyroclastic flow(s) versus from true explosive activity from accumulated, pressurized gasses is difficult to judge. It might well be the case that increased effusion rate of viscous lava at the dome was the main responsible, causing collapse avalanches that in turn create so-called co-ignimbrite ash plumes.

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