Australian Wildfires

Large, fast-moving bushfires continue to sweep across New South Wales and Victoria, Australia, this week. Over 122 fires are still burning in New South Wales, and 17 of them are uncontained.

Residents in the Victorian town of Heyfield are facing a renewed threat from the massive Gippsland blaze.

A large bushfire in Victoria’s high country is expected to hit Harrietville and Hotham Heights within the next 24 hours.

The Gippsland fire crisis has worsened, with strong northerly winds whipping up flames earlier than predicted. The CFA said there was “strong pressure” on its Gippsland containment lines with some busting this afternoon. In the high country fire authorities have warned residents who do not plan to stay and defend their homes that they should evacuate the area by 6pm. The out-of-control bushfire, which is travelling in a south-easterly direction, has burnt out 1700ha of Victoria’s alpine region since a lightning strike sparked the blaze on Monday. Meanwhile, emergency authorities have warned a wind change could mean the southern edge of the Aberfeldy-Donnellys fire will breach control lines tomorrow.

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