Wildfires – Siberia

The Russian Defense Ministry’s planes and helicopters have extinguished wildfires in Siberia raging across 690,000 hectares since the beginning of the effort.

Since the operation started, the Defense Ministry’s air task force has poured 5,490 tonnes of water on the blazing forest. The Il-76 planes and Mi-8 helicopters carried out 90 and 143 flights, respectively, to extinguish fires. A total of 170,000 hectares of burning forest were put out on Sunday.

Wildfires – Hawaii

Hawaii’s governor on Friday declared an emergency on the island of Maui, where firefighters were battling a blaze that forced the evacuations of thousands of people and sent huge clouds of smoke billowing over nearby beaches. Although most of the evacuees were later allowed to return home, the blaze more than tripled in size to spread over about 3,642 hectares, scorching mostly former sugar cane fields and brush.

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