Wildfires – Australia

The speed and ferocity of Thursday’s Yumali fire in South Australia is a prime example of the dangers faced this bushfire season, according to the Country Fire Service (CFS).

The Yumali fire burnt about 5000 hectares of crop, grass and scrub and with a home and a shed lost. It took about 10 minutes for the front to burn over three kilometres.

Wildfires – California/Nevada Border

The Mountain View fire has gown to 20,000-acres and is burning along the California-Nevada border. It has left one person dead. The wildfire south of Lake Tahoe has destroyed dozens of homes, according to the Mono County Sheriff. At least 80 homes in the town of Walker, California, have been leveled by the wildfire and about 400 residents are still under evacuation orders. The orders will remain in place as power lines have been severely damaged.

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